Creative Industries Innovation
David McConnell
Creative Industries Development Officer
DCAL have invested £4m over 2011-15 to continue to grow and develop
the creative industries.
This currently includes a refocused Creative Industries Innovation Fund
(CIIF 2) which will provide support for innovative development of
commercially viable content, products, services and
experiences capable of competing in global markets.
Programme for Government target – 200 projects to be supported by
2015. CIIF has currently supported 150 projects
Thrive video
CIIF 2 to date
August/September 2011 – Digital Content Only
• 41 projects awarded funding
• Projects completed by 31st March 2012
February 2012 – Open to all creative sector
• 51 projects awarded funding
• Projects completed by 31st March 2013
September 2012 – Architecture only
• 5 projects awarded funding
• Projects completed by 31st March 2013
February 2013 – Open to all creative sector
• 53 projects awarded funding
• Projects completed by 31st March 2014
CIIF Case studies
CIIF 2 – 5th & Final Round of
• Opening – 6th January 2014
• Closing – 4pm, 13th February 2014
• In this round of funding, priority will be given to
applicants who have not previously received any CIIF
• Decisions – May 2013/Funding available June 2014?
Pre-Application Workshops
• Open and one to one sessions
• Belfast & Derry throughout January & early February
• Regional workshops can be arranged
• A minimum of 80% of all available funding for awards in CIIF 2
will be allocated to creative businesses, and a maximum of 20%
to sectoral development bodies
• Awards to businesses will not exceed £10,000
• Awards to sectoral development bodies are capped at £20,000
• CIIF 2 is now open to all creative industries sub-sectors, but
digital content themed projects from any area of the creative
industries are encouraged. The programme will aim to support
up to 40% of all available funding for awards supporting digital
content themed projects
• ALL creative businesses in Northern Ireland,
including Sectoral Development Bodies, working
within the Creative Industries are eligible to apply in
this round of CIIF 2.
• All sole traders/partnerships MUST be registered
with Revenue and Customs and provide a copy of
their UTR along with evidence of a business bank
account. Limited companies and Partnerships must
also be fully constituted.
• Start up businesses can apply but MUST be fully
constituted and registered prior to applying for any
CIIF award.
Key difference from previous rounds is
that the criteria in application forms has
been reduced
1. Stated priorities of the programme
2. Degree of innovation
3. Return on investment
4th Criteria is ONLY for previous CIIF recipients
1. The extent to which the proposal meets CIIF 2
• Cross sector collaboration
• Export focus activity
• Innovation & entrepreneurial potential of NI’s
culture, arts & leisure base
You MUST address all 3 priorities
(no fewer than 200 and no more than 500 words)
2. Degree of innovation and contribution to
innovation, R&D and creativity in the
• You will need to RANK the ones that are the
most relevant to your project
(max 100 words per question)
3. Return on Investment, Sustainability and potential
for longer term business success.
• MUST demonstrate a defined return on investment
(increase in turnover/job creation/profitability etc)
• Linked with the TWO turnover forecasts for 2014/15
& 2015/16 requested as separate enclosures
(no fewer than 200 and no more than 500 words)
What can I apply for?
Existing staff costs (up to 50% of the award)
New staff posts
Freelance/short term contracts
Content/product development costs
Reasonable travel costs
Reasonable advertising/marketing costs
Reasonable market research costs
Aim to proportion you budget
What I can’t apply for?
• Capital
• Websites/E-commerce sites/development or
modification of websites etc
• Business overheads
• Business start up costs
• Legal costs
• The Arts Council has changed its on-line processes,
to enable you to complete the short form and attach
all required documents on-line.
• If you choose to submit on-line you must submit ALL
documents and the application form at the same
time, there will be no opportunity to submit
documents after the deadline.
• If you choose to submit in hard copy ALL
documentation must be supplied in hard copy.
• The Council will not accept applications partly online and partly in hard copy.
Section 6 – Enclosures!
Absolutely critical to the success of your Application
• Sole Traders/Partnerships MUST be registered with
HMRC (remember, this can take up to 6 weeks)
• SIGN/DATE relevant memorandum/policies
• Equal Opps is mandatory
• Child Protection (if applicable)
• All policies are in addition to the ACNI statements
within application forms
Section 6 – Enclosures!
• Detailed budget (breakdown of request/show
• Detailed project description (include project
timeline/Gantt chart – June 2014 – March 2015)
– Define proposal/ what’s going to be achieved by
31st March 2015 (new product/service etc)
• Income/expenditure forecasts for 2014/15 &
– critical to show sustainability & return on
investment (£10,000 seed funding through CIIF
will generate £xx of revenue etc)
Section 6 – Enclosures!
Financial records
• Start up businesses (not yet registered set of
accounts) evidence of business bank account and
relevant bank statements
• Limited company
– Last audited accounts (Signed/dated as adopted)
– If earlier than 31st March 2013, then you MUST
provide most recent management accounts
• Sole Trader/Partnerships
– MUST submit previous financial record no earlier
than 31st March 2013 and evidence of business
bank account with 3 months statements
Section 6 – Enclosures!
Don’t make assumptions!
What should I do next?
For further information contact:
• Creative Industries Innovation Fund team on 028
9038 5271/270/204 or e-mail:
[email protected] or
[email protected] or
• Sectoral support organisations:
– Northern Ireland Screen on 028 9023 2444 or
– Digital Circle –
• Also have a look at our website
Final Advice
• READ & RE READ guidance notes &
application forms!
• Exceptionally Competitive Fund
• Expectation of 120+ applications
• ONLY fund approximately 50 projects per
funding round (target of 200 project by
• Only one application per funding round
Final Advice
• Be clear & concise in application form
– Paper based exercise/ one opportunity to
sell your project & business
• Define the innovation! (competitive fund –
what is going to differentiate your
application from others)
– From June 2014 onwards, what is your
business going to do differently
– From April 2015 – will the business be in a
better place etc
Final Advice
• Address the 3 criteria
– (4 criteria for previous CIIF recipients)
• Commercially focused – must show viability and
sustainability (what is the award going to return for
your business?)
– Can your new & innovative new project deliver
up to £XX of new revenue??
– Will you be a more sustainable business because
of CIIF?
– Main focus is on the applicant business
• Grow business turnover/create jobs etc
Final advice
• Provide rationale for your budget (do you really
need £9,999.99?) previous round we provided
awards from £2,500 upwards)
• More realistic requests means more businesses
potentially being funded?
• Show research undertaken that there is need for
your project and budget is based on quotes/people
you have spoken to
– Remember it’s public funds so procurement will
be required
• Complete Enclosures!!!
Thank you

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