Positional Improvement of Land
Registry and Statutory Charges
The Registrar of Titles for Northern Ireland is responsible for creating and
maintaining information relating to title to land in Northern Ireland. This
incorporates the Land Registry, the Registry of Deeds and the Statutory
Charges Register.
The Land Registry is a successor to the Registration scheme introduced to
Ireland in 1891 under the Local Registration of Title (Ireland) Act 1891. The
1891 scheme was replaced in NI by the Land Registration Act (NI) 1970.
Section 62 (1) of the act provides that
“There shall be maintained by or on behalf of the Registrar a series of
maps based on Ordnance maps”
Since 2011 the LPS Mapping & Valuation Directorate has been
updating and positionally improving the LPS OSNI mapping in line
with Global Positioning Satellite technology under the LPS/DARD LPIS
Impact for Northern Ireland PLC
The draft Programme for Government 201115 which is currently out for public consultation,
has a Priority 1 objective. Growing a
Sustainable Economy and investing in the
Benefit for Northern Ireland PLC
‘…secure property rights are positively correlated with
a country’s level of investment and economic
growth.’ (Besley, Knack & Keefer)
‘…secure and well defined property rights transform
assets into resources that can be used to generate
additional capital and obtain credit.’ (De Soto) ’
Benefit for Northern Ireland PLC
De Soto goes on to suggest that
‘…in USA approximately 70% of new business credit
comes from using titles to other assets as collateral.’
The CML have suggested that
‘…£400m per annum is generated in property
Registration PI Project – Why Now
• Why is PI so important
• PI has always been around!
• PI is not unique to Northern Ireland this is happening all over the
• With the advent of digital mapping changes have become more
• LPS OSNI PI programme will impact on all customers including
• The PI project will ensure the data contained on the map register is
• Accurate Registration information critical to property market
An Example of Positional
Example of Localised Comparison
Pre PI Mapping Urban
Example of Localised Comparison
Post PI Mapping Urban
Current Position
1:1250 area has been removed from the overall scope of the project and
work has commenced to manually correct by in-house staff.
Strategic Outline Case approved by LPS MB
Internal and External Communications in place
Draft Outline Business case being developed to be presented to DFP
Data Audit Report received
Formal representation established with M&V PI team
Research being carried out into similar projects in other jurisdictions
Proof of Concept exercise complete
Registration Data Cleanse exercise commenced
PFI Partner BT has developed PI solution proposal document
Consultant appointed to test and review the BT document to confirm VFM
So what if LPS did nothing
State guarantee of title compromised
Reduced confidence in Title for owners and lenders
Significant constraint in attracting inward investment
Increased volume of land disputes
Lengthier and contentious conveyancing
Increased number of lands tribunal cases
Increased compensation (paid by the consolidated fund)
Registration Staff Contact Details
Ashlin Sharvin – PI Communication Manager
[email protected]
Clare McMillan – PI Operations Manager
[email protected]

Positional Improvement in Land Registry in Northern Ireland.