What are PubMed Topic
This event is part of the Quality Use of
CareSearch Project
PubMed Topic Searches
• PubMed Topic Searches provide an easy and
reliable way to find the relevant palliative care
– There are over 50 PubMed topics related to
palliative care that are ready for use at the press
of a button
– And if the topic you are interested in is not listed
you can easily design your own – this power point
shows you how
PubMed Topic Searches
• These topic based searches enable users to link
through to the PubMed database and run a real
time automated search
• This means that each time the search is run it will
include the new items being entered on the
PubMed database (ie, always current)
• PubMed is a free, publicly available database.
PubMed Topic Searches
• The palliative care literature is sometimes
hard to find
• The PubMed Topic Searches use a palliative
care filter designed by the CareSearch team
to find the most relevant information, and to
filter out less relevant results
• The palliative care filter has been validated in
a number of studies
Quality processes
• All materials on the website are developed
and peer reviewed by Australian health
professionals to ensure:
– that they relate to palliative care
– that they are trustworthy and reflect the best
available evidence
– that where possible the evidence relates to
rigorous research work.
CareSearch would like to thank the many people
who contribute their time and expertise to the project including
members of the National Advisory Group and the Knowledge
Network Management Group.
CareSearch is funded by the Australian Government
Department of Health and Ageing as part of the National
Palliative Care Program.

What are PubMed Topic Searches?