Doing Business with VisitScotland
Doing Business with VisitScotland
Overview of Procurement Procedures in VisitScotland
Types of Goods and Services Required by VisitScotland
Business Opportunities and Winning Years
Doing Business With VisitScotland
VisitScotland markets Scotland to the world through international
and UK campaigns, directed by a strategy designed to maximise
the economic impact on Scotland's economy.
VisitScotland operate 20 schemes to promote quality and maintain
standards among tourism establishments. Over 9,000 businesses
a year participate in one of the VisitScotland Quality Assurance
Our network of over 120 properties including 100 VisitScotland
Information Centres provides a valuable service to both visitors
and opportunities for businesses.
Doing Business With VisitScotland
Overview of Procurement Procedures in VisitScotland
Universal Principles of the Procurement processes;
largely unchanged over time
Willing Seller to a Willing Buyer
Acceptable Price
Agreeable Delivery date
The right Location
Payment terms
Followed up with Satisfaction survey - two way
Doing Business With VisitScotland
VisitScotland Tendering levels
Where there is no existing collaborative contracts, VisitScotland will advertise all requirements above £50k on Public
Contracts Scotland and if applicable in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
Medium value contract ranging from £10k up to £50k will be competed via Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote
Low value contracts of up to £10k may be competed using Quick Quote or awarded using the market knowledge of
the user/procuring department
Tender award criteria Value for Money
VisitScotland are a signatory to the Scottish Government Suppliers’ Charter.
Doing Business With VisitScotland
VisitScotland’s main areas of spend are;
Marketing and Advertising Services
Sports Management & Promotion
£ 1,200,000
Estates including Rent, Rates, Utilities
£ 3,500,000
Market Research
Information Technology
Doing Business With VisitScotland
Opportunities that Lie Ahead – 1
How prepared is your Company?
Lead in time for activities – don’t leave it too late
Is your business geared up for - The Winning Years?
Natural Scotland 2013
Commonwealth Games 2014
Ryder cup 2014
Homecoming 2014
Doing Business With VisitScotland
Opportunities that Lie Ahead – 2
Are you a ‘well kept secret’?
• Cold calling - multi approach to business engagement
• It’s not always about the main contracts
 Sub-contracting opportunities
 Contracts by association - e.g. large construction works
 The birth of the ‘latte and bacon roll to go’ entrepreneur
 Need to analyse advertised contracts ‘what could be in this for me?’
 Dependability - Not just any old Tuesday!
 Tracking
• You- track us
• We report success to Scot Gov, LAs, etc
• We track you
• Importance of Corporate Reputation and Social Responsibility
 ‘How good is my driving?’
Doing Business With VisitScotland
Scottish Government Supplier Development Programme
 Focus on SME’s - Community Benefits
 Don’t constrain opportunities to public sector
 ‘It’s good to network
 Consortium opportunities
 E-mail training for the Terrified
Doing Business With VisitScotland
Thank You

Visit Scotland Presentation - Supplier Development Programme