FCT 5 – 2014
Develop novel monitoring systems and miniaturised sensors that
improve Law Enforcement Agencies' evidence- gathering abilities
Coordinator (of former EVISENSING proposal) or Partner
Laurea University of Applied Sciences Ltd.
23-24.2.2014 SMI2G Bruxelles
Research Director Juha Knuuttila, Lic.(Econ.), M.A. (Pol.)
[email protected]
tel. +358405209866
Methdod:Learning by Developing
- Starting point: End-User´s Real Problems into
Customer Savvy of SMEs (This is niche
- problem based learning + feasibility where to
Step 1: Collect A Trust of LEAs
Last time we had
Dutch Criminal Police
Helsinki Drug Police
Guardia Civil
Polish Police
This time ENLETS can give us a hand in collecting
partners and building trust
Step 2: Set the Scope
• Analyze the LEA´s stories from the field not
from commanding centers
• Telephone tapping does not provide the
intelligence it used to:
– New audio/video/thermal sensor measures
needed at the time when work starts
– You must know where the international
warehouses of crime are technologically
Step 3: Collect Adequate SMEs
• Last time we had agile high-tech SMEs from
The Netherlands, Norway and Finland to
match the needs of LEA´s Trust
Step 4: Submit Proposal
- Make LEAs shake hands with interested SMEs
- Keep on working on the topic with existing
resoursces while waiting evaluation results
[email protected]