Working with Industry
 Finding the Right Company
 Active role in identifying external POC funds (internal funding,
Science Center, Ben Franklin, BioAdvance, BioStrategy Partners)
 Creative marketing to identify licensing partners or entrepreneurs
(social networking, conference participation)
 Building value internally through expert-guided development
funding and business plans (Fox School, Drug Discovery Center, App
 Attracting industry partners through business development
 Negotiating the Deal
 Creative deal-making approach for companies interested in a
 Express deal-making approach for startup companies
 Terms based on industry standards and technology value
 Common negotiation tactics
TU Technology Development Fund
– To polish technologies to prepare them for
licensure, joint venture, or spin-out formation
– To build relationships with commercial partners
Match required
– External match preferred to engage a potential
commercial partner, or investor
– Internal match from Dean and or chair also
TU Technology Development Fund
– Access to the Fund
 No application necessary
 Invention or product disclosure is sufficient
– Internal Tech Commercialization review and
prioritization. Evaluation includes need for technology
diversity, cooperative PI, commercial partner,
commercial potential, appropriate timeline
– External Review. High priority projects are submitted
to an external review process to further prioritize and
identify commercial partners
TU Technology Development Fund
External advisor and commercial milestone
– External technical expert with market experience will
help Temple Admn set an appropriate technical
– PI will need to agree to attempt to meet this
commercial milestone.
Award Size
– Awards will be between 10k and 100k
Contact Information
Stephen G. Nappi, Director
[email protected]
Niraj Muni, Ph.D.
Technology Commercialization Manager,
Health Sciences
[email protected]
Kourosh Sabet-Payman, J.D., M.S.
Technology Commercialization
Manager, Main Campus
[email protected]
J. Todd Abrams, Ph.D.
Business Development & Strategic
[email protected]
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