Marine Biology Mini-mester in Eilat
February 8-19
The Centrality of Israel
Why Eilat?
Not a tour; a curriculum-based
experience focusing on authentic
field research in ocean sciences.
Sponsored by Ben Gurion University - Eilat
Campus and Toronto UJA Federation
Sample Research Projects
Meet our lead researcher and project
Noam Josef
Typical Day Schedule
9 am to 5 pm
Lecture, workshops, lab work, field research
visits to marine science labs
Topics of Study
* Ecology and biology of the Gulf of Eilat
* Artificial reefs and their ecological contribution
* Vision and camouflage in marine environments
* Marine mammal behavior and therapy using
* The science of dolphin communication and behavior
* Biomechanical process in the sea
Eligibility Requirements
Preparation beforehand (academic reading)
Expectations on the campus
Academic expectations (ISA)
Blogging rotation
Expectation to bring it back to TanenbaumCHAT
Ms. Carr, Mr. Kitchen, and Rabbi Buckman
Plus local madrichim and research team
and additional security/medic as required
Tentative Schedule
*Activity with Eilat Diller Cohort 3
CHAT friends (gap year
students, TRY,
alumni, shlichim)
Health, safety, certificate of completion,
security, lodging, spending money
Handbook Rules
1.Dress Code
Handbook Rules - Continued
2 Shabbaton rules apply on Shabbat
3. Optional Daily Tefillah
4. Kashrut
Cost and Payment
• Power point presentation will be sent via
email on Oct 1st/2014
• October 15th – Price will be finalized
• Online application goes live with price
information- Oct 21st/2014
• October 24th – Online application is due.
• October 27th – Acceptance notices will be
Cost and Payment
• First payment due: November 4th / 2014 =
$1200 CAD
Please include:
- A photocopy of pages 2-3 of your passport
(showing personal details)
- Emergency contact and medical information
and visitor request form
• Final balance due: November 25th / 2014