Did you know that deep dish
pizza is only made in Illinois?
Lou Malnati’s is a well-known pizzeria throughout the entire
city of Chicago. Our success is tied to our commitment to
quality. Every pizza is handmade from scratch using the finest
and freshest ingredients. Every year, the Malnati team hand
picks California vine-ripened tomatoes for the perfect sweet
and tangy taste. The exclusive sausage blend is seasoned
perfectly and the fresh mozzarella cheese comes from the
same place which has supplied Lou Malnati’s for over 40
years. The secret to creating our one-of-a-kind pizzas involves
making every pizza with a flaky, buttery crust that has been in
the family for generations.
Our Proposal
Because our business has been doing extremely
well in Chicago and the United States, we feel
that Dublin, Ireland is an excellent place to open
a new Lou Malnati’s on a different continent.
The 2008-2012 Business Environment Ranking
of the Economist Intelligence Unit placed
Ireland 11th globally out of 82 countries,
naming it as one of the most attractive business
locations in the world.
Ireland Offers Investors…
• A politically stable country and
respected regulatory regime
• A thriving RD&I sector, with
strong Government support
for productive collaboration
between industry and
• A strong legal framework for
development, exploitation and
protection of Intellectual
Property rights
• Strategic location with easy
access to the EMEA region
• Excellent IT skills and
• An advanced
infrastructure, with state-ofthe-art optical networks and
international connectivity
• Strategic clusters of leading
global companies in Life
Sciences, ICT, Engineering,
Services, Digital Media, and
Consumer Brands
• An established reputation as a
hub for business process
improvement across EMEA
Land of the Celts
2009/2010 saw Irish competitiveness improve
- Business costs including energy, private rents,
office rents, services, construction and labor
have all become more competitive
- Ireland isn’t nearly as densely populated as
America is means that the population of the
people are dispersed throughout as vast
majority of land
“Our workers prioritize their
values by using the freshest
ingredients and regularly
researching our competitors
to bring you the absolute
best kind of Chicago-style
deep dish pizza and other
mouth-watering homemade
edible goods at a reasonable
Gino’s East
Target market is
kids and adults
Delivery, catering
and parties
Famous for deep
dish pizza
Multiple locations
in the suburban
and urban areas
Hosts fundraisers
Idea of restaurant
Opened in 1966
Catering and deliveries
“Ship a pizza” program
Famous for deep dish
Florida location
Multiple locations in the
suburban and urban
Opened in 1974
Lou Malnati’s is a family-oriented
restaurant! The targeted age group is
mostly 15-65 years of age which is the
majority of the Dublin population.
• Youngest workforce in Europe, with 35% under 25 years of age.
• An excellent educational system and a Government strategy committed to
securing the highest-level research talent from Ireland and abroad and to a
doubling in the number of PhDs by 2013.
• Total spend on higher education increased by an average of 10% per
annum over the 10 years to 2008 (compared to a European average of 3%).
• Wide skills base in high value manufacturing, global business services and
• English mother tongue and ready supply of multilingual skills.
• Workforce with an excellent reputation for customer service, flexibility and
• Demographic forecasts show the population growing by 30% to over 5.3
million by 2020: this means sustained strong growth in the labor supply
that will far outstrip that in other EU countries.
• In the 2011 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, Ireland was ranked
fourth in the world in terms of availability of skilled labor and openness to
new ideas.
The regulations and rules
Ireland enforces an EUR 1 form, which is
required for goods under formal entry claiming
preferential duty or exemption under various
bilateral agreements.
The customs and excise tariff of Ireland is also to
be printed.
Dangerous goods certifications
Import taxes which includes value added tax
The government
Ireland contains a government similar to that of
the United States which includes a legislative,
executive, and judicial branches. The have a
voting system and it consists of national
elections main political parties.
Individual members of the government are
designated as the ministers with a sole
responsibility for the administration of the
various departments of state
Age structure 1-14 years old is 21.1% (male
503,921/female 1,560,238)
Irish 87.4%, other white 7.5%, Asian 1.3%, black
1.1%, mixed 1.1%
Investment Highlights 2010
Ireland is using its growing status as a knowledge-based economy to open
new doors and avenues for investors. The sharp increase in RD&I projects
is proof of our success and confidence in this area and its excellent fit with
the Irish business and academic landscape.
• Investment Highlights 2010:
• Almost 11,000 new jobs created
• A total of 126 foreign direct investments won
• 47 companies investing in Ireland for the first time, up 20% on 2009
• Investment in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) over
• 62% of investments from existing companies
• Over 60% of corporation tax in Ireland paid by IDA clients
• Exports from IDA client companies account for over 75% of total Irish
• Renewed investment in manufacturing partly due to Ireland’s improving
• Strong growth in employment intensive services investments
Ireland’s main tax advantages for holding companies are:
• Capital gains tax participation exemption on disposal of qualifying
• Effective exemption for foreign dividends via 12.5% tax rate for
qualifying foreign dividends and a flexible foreign tax credit system;
• Double tax relief available for tax suffered on foreign branch profits
and pooling provisions for unused credits;
• No withholding tax on dividends paid to treaty countries (or
intermediate non-treaty subsidiaries) under domestic law;
• Access to treaties to minimize withholding tax on inbound royalties
and interest, and further domestic provisions to minimize
withholding tax on outbound payments;
• Extensive treaty network and access to EU directives.
Imported goods from non-EU countries are subjected to
VAT at the same rate as applies to the sale within the
state of familiar goods.
The key features of Ireland’s tax regime that
make it one of the most attractive global
investment locations include:
• a 12.5% corporate tax rate for active
• a 25% Research & Development (R&D) tax
credit which may be refundable over a
three year period;
• an intellectual property (IP) regime which
provides a tax write-off for broadly
defined IP acquisitions;
• an attractive holding company regime,
including participation exemption from
capital gains tax on disposals of shares in
• an effective zero tax rate for foreign
dividends (12.5% tax rate on qualifying
foreign dividends, with flexible onshore
pooling of foreign tax credits);
• an EU-approved stable tax regime, with
access to extensive treaty network and
EU Directives;
• generous domestic law withholding tax
Cultural background
The way of life in Ireland is very peaceful. Irish
people are hard-working, very honest and
known for their friendliness, hospitality, sense of
fun and wonderful humor. They like to eat out
during special events and holidays which Lou
Malnati’s can satisfy their hungry needs.
Gaelic language
Air transportation from the U.S. to Ireland
Land transportation to get the products the the
Air fee
Gas fee
Fed ex
The environment
Temperature remains relatively moderate
throughout the year, never getting too hot or
too cold.
Temperatures typically range between 40 and 50
degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months 60 and
70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months.
Our type of ownership is the limited liability
corporation which is a combination of a
partnership and a corporation that provides
limited liability to the owners of the LLC for the
business liabilities, including debts judgments
and others.

Lou Malnati`s Pizzeria