Horizontal ICT Innovation actions
ICT 34 – 2015: Support for access to
• Access to finance for Europe's entrepreneurs in early growth
• Pilot action for Business Angels co-investment in ICT
innovative companies
• Cross border and long term investments
• Implemented by European Investment Fund
 15 M€ LEIT ICT + 15 M€
'Access to risk finance'
 Leveraging EIF contribution
and Business Angels coinvestments
Expected impact
 Higher investment readiness
for R&I actors
 Mobilising investments in
key ICT sectors
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Support
ICT 35 a: Business idea contests in
universities and high schools
From school level to European level
1st selection takes place at
Campus level and continues
gradually up to European level
Participation of minimum
10 MS or AC in 1st year
Expected impact
 Increased awareness and
perception of ICT
entrepreneurship among
young people in Europe
Funding ICT 35 a,b,c
4 M € innovation action
ICT 35 b: Entrepreneurship summer
• For university and last year high school students
• Entirely focused on ICT entrepreneurship
Expected impact
 More young ICT
 Increased practical
entrepreneurial skills
Funding ICT 35 a,b,c
4 M € innovation action
ICT 35 c: Entrepreneurship labs
Support start-ups to commercialise
research products, grow and scale up
Expected Impact
 More ICT entrepreneurs
 More collaboration in the
Funding ICT 35 a,b,c
4 M € innovation action
Foster interaction
between students
& entrepreneurs
ICT 35 d: Campaign on entrepreneurship
culture in innovative ICT sector
Media campaign
Funding 1,5 M € CSA
Expected impact
 Better perception
of the barriers for
ICT entrepreneurs
Role models, promotion of a
risk-taking attitude,
acceptance of failures &
celebration of successes
ICT 35 e: Support for definition &
implementation of Inducement Prizes
Definition of 8 to 12 inducement prize competitions
Development of prize concepts, size of prize fund,
market failures, success criteria, competition rules
Funding 0,5 M € CSA
Expected impact
 Identification of inducement
prize with highest impact and
chance of mobilising
The Prizes Instrument
 Recognition prizes
• Recognition of work that has already been done
 Inducement Prizes
• Providing a considerable financial inducement to stimulate
researchers / innovators to do something that has never
been done before
• Typically deliver a major technological breakthrough for a
predefined challenge
For ICT three "Inducement prizes" will be launched during 2014-15
Inducement Prizes in ICT LEIT WP
 "Breaking the optical transmission barriers in the core
With focus on optical networks
To be launched in 2014
€1m purse
 "Collaborative sharing of spectrum"
With focus on wireless networks
To be launched in 2014
€1m purse
Implementation details to be published in 2014
Inducement Prizes in SC Health WP
 Development of interactive health & wellbeing app that
• Ensures citizens can securely store and access their health
and well-being data and…
• Transmit it seamlessly to healthcare professionals and…
• Provide a health and well-being "scoreboard" to the user
Contest To be launched in 2015
Has €2m purse (to be distributed amongst at least 3 winners)
Implementation details to be published in 2014
ICT 35 f: European networks of procurers
EU wide networks of procurers identifying together shared
procurement needs in short term (PPIs) & longer term (PCPs)
Engage in open dialogue (also online) with all stakeholders
(industry, research community, other procurers, end-users
Investigate feasibility & prepare concretely 1 joint PCP or PPI
Finding partners
Funding 1 M € CSA
Expected impact
 Forward-looking, concerted
approach to develop answers to
challenges faced by the public
ICT 36 2015: Open call – cofunding of PCPs
Joint PCP by min 2 procurers from 2 different
MS/AC countries
PCP procurers buy solution design, prototyping &
real-life testing
Same conditions as before: Example docs for open market
consultation, tender docs available from
Funding 4 M € PCP cofund
Expected impact
 Reduced fragmentation of
innovative solutions
 Increased opportunities for wide
market uptake
First results of EU funded PCPs
SILVER (robotics for ageing well aiming to care for 10%
more elderly by 2020): R&D started
7 out of 33 bids selected: All EU based, all small or
medium size
Also universities participate in winning consortia!
Fair chance for participants from all over Europe to
participate: procurers sofar DK, FI, SE, NL, UK
CHARM (traffic management): benchmarking 20% cost
savings: Call open till 23/10
 PCP for open modular architecture, opportunities for new
innovative suppliers, best value for money solutions

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