Workforce Management System
presented by
Crystal Woods, Human Resources Division Head
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
Workforce Management System
• Prior to 2012, AHTD was utilizing a paperbased, manual-entry payroll system which was
created by in-house personnel on the
• The need for greater accuracy and
accountability resulted in a feasibility study for
an automated workforce management system
that would incorporate pay (timesheet) data
and cost accounting (activities) data.
AHTD Statistics
16,464 miles of highway
7,252 bridges
3,600 + employees
1,200 + active construction projects
6,700 + pieces of equipment
Over half a million valid activity
combinations for cost accounting
Workforce Management System
• Request for Letters of Interest was published
in 2011.
• Three vendors were evaluated.
• Kronos, Incorporated was chosen based on
their system’s ability to meet both
timekeeping and activities reporting
Workforce Management System
• Product design workshops began in Spring 2012
• AHTD product design committee included
representatives from all major functional areas
within the Department
• Testing began in June 2012 and pilot program was
implemented in July 2012
• Parallel testing was conducted from July 2012 –
October 2012
• Full system implementation on October 18, 2012
Workforce Management System
• Activities for all employees and equipment are
captured within the Workforce Management
System application (WMS).
• Activities are captured in a number of ways
based on employee duties, their level of
access in the system, and their physical
location/access to Department computers,
time clocks, etc.
Workforce Management System
• Highway Police Officers use laptops with cellular air
cards for entry of all activities in the field, including
data capture for MCSAP job costing and construction
zone enforcement for federally funded projects.
• Central office employees use computers for recording
punches and activities.
• Construction field employees use laptops with job site
wireless internet access to capture time and activities.
Teletime is also available for those employees working
in remote areas with no wireless connectivity.
Workforce Management System
• District maintenance employees use biometric
(scanned fingerprint) time clocks to record
punches and activities.
• Maintenance supervisors use the Passport®
handheld rugged mobile devices to capture
employee and equipment activities data in the
– The County/Route/Section data will eventually be
captured based on GPS coordinates to further
streamline the activities entry process
Workforce Management System
• We capture multiple pieces of information for various types
of activities. For example:
– Grant expenditures for various planning, research, MCSAP, and
public transportation grants
– Traffic stop outcomes for police officers (citation issued, DWI,
arrest, etc.)
– Task codes for mechanics that define the reason for repair, type
of repair, system affected, etc.
– Federal Aid Project numbers for construction projects
– Maintenance activities by county/route/section, type of work
performed, accomplishments (such as number of acres mowed),
equipment used to perform the task, etc.
Workforce Management System
Activities are captured through the use of various entry forms
Workforce Management System
• Employees have access to self entry activity
• Supervisors have access to self-entry and
supervisor-entry activity forms.
• Types of forms used depend on job title,
District or Division, and supervisory role.
Workforce Management System
Activity forms have search features that allow for wild card (*) entries if
an employee or supervisor is unsure of the job number or activity code.
Workforce Management System
Mechanics capture information for each piece of equipment serviced in
increments as small as one quarter hour. The labor information is
transferred to our Equipment Management System (EMS) at the end of
each pay period.
The EMS tracks all labor cost and parts cost information for every piece
of equipment maintained by the Department. The EMS is used for
management decisions such as service costs, disposal, fleet problems,
efficiency, etc. Parts information comes from our Stock Inventory
Workforce Management System
Maintenance field supervisors capture activities data using the Passport®
Motorola rugged handheld devices.
Workforce Management System
Supervisors sign into the mobile device at the start of the work day and
may assign the device to a specific group of employees who may be
working together on any given day.
Workforce Management System
Supervisors have access to all the same activity forms on the mobile
devices that are available on the PC. As activities are completed in the
field, the crew leader (or other lead person) chooses the form for the
type of activity the crew is performing and then selects either the whole
group or individuals from the group for data entry.
Workforce Management System
The available activities are loaded onto the mobile devices and appear in
a drop down box in the appropriate form. Supervisors enter the duration
of time spent on the activity. If group entry is chosen, the same entry
applies to all employees on the list.
Workforce Management System
Activities for equipment are also captured on the mobile devices in the
field. If a piece of equipment has an odometer or hour meter, the ending
reading is entered and the device calculates usage based on equipment’s
previous reading. If equipment has no meter then the miles or hours
used are directly entered into the device.
Workforce Management System
• All employee and equipment activity data is
exported from the system and converted into
a data file that is uploaded to our cost
accounting and distribution system.
• Data from the Workforce Management System
and several other systems is combined to
create our cost accounting reports, and
Federal aid billing reports.
Workforce Management System
We are within a few weeks of deployment of Phase 2, Workforce Analytics,
which will give our managers even more tools for budgeting and planning.
The following screen shot is the dashboard from our test analytics data:
Workforce Management System
• Overall we had a very successful implementation!
• We anticipate cost savings from the elimination of 12 fulltime payroll clerk positions (through attrition) and the
elimination of a lot of paper.
• We are seeing significant improvements in the accuracy of
our data for both payroll and activities reporting.
• Obviously, we have decreased our risk of non-compliance
with Department of Labor regulations.
• Our employees and managers are much more accountable
for the accurate reporting of their own time and labor.
• We plan to conduct a full ROI Analysis after a year of data is
Workforce Management System
Workforce Management System
Contact Information
Crystal Woods
Division Head of Human Resources
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Alicia Garrett
Personnel Officer/Workforce Management System Administrator
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