What is Cc:?
Cc: is a unique,
innovative new
eyewear program
that includes an
Rxable sunglass
frame with the
purchase of a
standard ophthalmic
Name Origination
 Cc: Carbon Copy – referring to the two frames the patient will
 Cc: - “See-See” meaning the ability to see out of both the
prescription ophthalmic frame and sun frame.
 Cc: is the name, Two is One is the tagline.
 The logo and name of the frame line have been trademarked
with the USPTO.
Cc: Logo Explanation
The trademarked “frame”
in the logo doubles as CC:
The color of the colon is pantone
#375, also trademarked into the
Nuts and Bolts
 When an ECP sells a Cc: ophthalmic frame to their patient, the
patient then gets to select any Cc: sunglass frame at no
additional charge.
 This gives the ECP an opportunity to sell the customer a pair of
prescription lenses for the sunglass frame and make an
additional sale.
Ladies Sunglass
Men’s Sunglass
Who is the target market for Cc:?
 Cc: Is for the independent
eye care professional only.
 Cc: Will not be offered to big
box retailers or sold via the
 ‘Mom and Pop’ stores
 Small to large practices
specializing in customer
 Practices looking to increase
revenue across the board.
 Practices struggling to sell
second pairs.
Why is 2014 a good time for Cc:?
Private Practice Eye Care Providers (PPECPs):
 are LOSING 2 to 4% market share per year
 provide 65% of the eye exams and only supply 39% of the
 have more managed care patients each year
 are losing locations (1000 per year nationwide)
Based on Jobson Optical Research Reports
Why Cc:?
Corporate optical retailers (Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, WalMart, Costco, etc.):
 are GAINING 2 to 4% market share per year
 provide 33% of all eye exams and provide 60% of all eyewear
 are gaining locations (1000 per year nationwide)
Based on Jobson Optical Research Reports
Why Cc:?
PPECPs are LOSING market share and money because:
 They have lost private pay patients to corporate optical retail
 Managed care (Spectera, Davis, Avesis, EyeMed, VSP)
reimburses poorly
* Based on Jobson Optical Research
Second Pair Struggles
Second pair too expensive currently.
They are not pitched by the optician/dispenser
No incentive to purchase second pair.
“When will you be updating your sunglasses into your current
 The patient wins because they get two great frames for the price of
 The patient wins because they are able to use their prescription
sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.
 The patient wins because they can choose from a selection of new
merchandise instead of having to sacrifice style for price.
 The ECP wins because they are able to make an
additional sale.
 The ECP wins because they are adding extra value to
their patients experience.
 The ECP wins because they are able to show a larger
profit after managed care reimbursement.
 The sales rep wins because they are increasing their board space
without giving up any current space.
The Power of Yes
 What is the warranty with Cc:?
- If you any problem with either pair of frames, we will replace the frame
at no additional charge.
 Can the patient buy a pair of sunglasses and get the
ophthalmic frame included at no charge?
- Yes!
 Can the patient purchase the ophthalmic frame and get
another ophthalmic frame included for themselves?
- Yes!
Pricing Strategy
 Frames Data Price - $64.95
 Our Price - $54.95
 This price reflects the cost for two pairs
of frames.
Lens Company Support
Collection Launch Details
 Men’s Ophthalmic – 14 styles / 2 colors each
 Men’s Sun – 10 Styles / 3 styles with 1 color each; 7 styles
with 2 colors each
 Ladies Ophthalmic – 15 styles / 2 colors each
 Ladies Sun – 9 styles / 2 colors each
Floor Display
Countertop Display

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