Missions & Activities
Regulatory & Permitting
 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
(BOEM) promotes energy independence,
environmental protection and economic
development through responsible,
science-based management of offshore
conventional and renewable energy
Environmental Sciences
Research & Studies
Resource Evaluation
Leasing & Plans
Key functions of BOEM
Develops Five Year Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil & Natural
Gas Leasing Program - overseeing assessments of oil, gas &
other mineral resource potential of OCS; inventories oil & gas
reserves; develops production projections; conducts economic
evaluations ensuring receipt of fair market value for OCS
Handles actual Oil & Gas Lease Sales, along with Marine
Minerals negotiated agreements, official maps, and GIS data;
Responsible for offshore Renewable Energy Programs granting
leases, easements, rights-of-way for orderly, safe, and
environmentally responsible renewable energy development
Conducts environmental reviews, National Environmental Policy
Act (NEPA) analyses and compliance documents for energy
development planning. Analyses informs decisions on Five
Year Program, conventional and renewable energy leasing and
development activities. Scientists conduct, oversee
environmental studies to inform policy decisions relating to
management of energy and marine mineral resources on the
OCS; and,
Manages oil & gas resource evaluations, environmental studies
& assessments, leasing activities through three regional offices
– Anchorage, New Orleans & Camarillo (CA) – including review
of Exploration Plans & Development Operations & Coordination
Documents, fair market value determinations, and geological &
geophysical permitting.
BOEM Outreach
Connecting with Tribes. . .
 Routine engagements, activities
 Emails every 2-to-3 weeks about BOEM and BSEE activities,
events or recruitment opportunities
 Phone calls routinely, as necessary, every 4-to-6 weeks
 Invitations, in writing and verbally, to visit with us when in
 Discussion of potential G2G Consultations, meeting topics
 Areas of interest, i.e., topical updates, heads-up on studies,
research, hearings, events
Traditional Knowledge
BOEM Alaska Region advocates
for obtaining, using and inclusion
of ‘Traditional Knowledge’ across
all of our research and studies
projects, programs and activities.
Not only does it make sense, but it is
critical to our missions. In more than
40 years and over 400 research
projects and studies, scientists
continue to affirm the significant
impact and value of the input, insight
and contributions provided by the
Elders and the people.
Adding Value in our efforts
Sharing of
Sustaining traditions
and culture are critically
essential in all we do
phone calls,
Federal &
efforts to
share info
Improving Outreach
by reducing
meeting fatigue
Reaching Out…
Management of offshore oil and gas resources is a sensitive issue
-- perhaps more so in Alaska, with our pristine environment and
vast mineral resources, than anywhere else. Issues are complex
and the better all of us understand these issues, the better the
resulting decisions are likely to be.
Michael Haller
Tribal & Community Liaison
BOEM Alaska OCS Region
In the interests of promoting understanding, the Alaska Region is
committed to maintaining open and transparent communications
with key shareholders -- particularly Alaska's Native
organizations and Tribal Governments, which today carry on the
traditions that have enriched Alaska since time immemorial.
3801 Centerpoint Dr. Ste. 500
Anchorage, AK 99503-5823
These ongoing efforts -- including community meetings, public
hearings, public listening sessions, consultations, and other special
activities are critical to the process of understanding and effective
[email protected]
We invite your interest, your comments, and your participation.
(907) 334-5276
Phone: (907) 334-5276 / Email: [email protected]
Visit BOEM Alaska Region Community Outreach at:
3801 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 500
Anchorage, AK 99503-5823

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