U.S. Commercial Service
Doing International Business:
Succeeding in the Global
The U.S. Commercial Service is part of the U.S. Department
of Commerce, an agency of the United States government.
Our mission:
 To promote the export of goods & services from the United
States, particularly by small- and medium-sized businesses
 To represent U.S. business interests internationally
 To help U.S. businesses find qualified international partners
Your Global Business Partner
Our Trade Specialists and Commercial Officers will work with
your company to help you start exporting or increase your sales
to new global markets.
We’ll help you with:
– Promotion of your products/services at trade events
– Introductions to qualified buyers and distributors
– Provide counseling and advocacy through every step of the
– Supply world class market research
Leverage Our Products and Services to
Succeed in International Markets
– International Partner Search (IPS)is a list of prescreened
contacts interested in your product or service
– Gold Key Matching Service (GKS) provides 1-on-1
appointments with prescreened potential
agents/distributors/sales representatives/government
contacts/JV partners and more
– International Company Profile (ICP) delivers background
information needed to evaluate an international firm
International Partner Search (IPS)
A list of prescreened contacts interested in your product/service
International Company Profile (ICP)
Delivers background information needed to evaluate an international firm
Gold Key Service (GKS)
1-on-1 appointments with prescreened potential contacts
U.S. Commercial Service Fees
Make More Informed International Sales
Decisions Through Market Research
Market Research Library containing more than 100,000 country
and industry-specific market reports, web sites, events, and trade
directory listings.
Country Commercial Guides, prepared annually by U.S. Embassy
staff, contain information on the business and economic situation
of foreign countries and the political climate as it affects U.S.
business and foreign investments.
Customized Market Research leverages our vast network of
industry associations, government agencies, importers,
distributors, end-users, and manufacturers to provide you with
information that answers your specific international business
How to contact us
Daniel G. Rodriguez
U.S. Commercial Service
615 E. Houston Street, Suite #207
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Tel: 210-472-4020
Fax: 210-472-4019
[email protected]

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