Located in new Essar Convergence Centre building
at Algoma University
National Research Council IRAP Office on-site
SSMARt Innovation Awards
Youth Outreach
Entrepreneur Training
A non-profit organization
driving growth in the science and technology sectors
of the Algoma region.
What is the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation
Centre (SSMIC)?
Established in 1999 to function as a catalyst for economic development and diversification in
the information technology and knowledge-based sectors
Focused on four core areas:
• operating a business incubator to encourage the establishment and growth of business
• providing support services to businesses in the technology and science community
• supporting the establishment and enhancement of advanced research projects in the
• undertaking strategic market development projects such as the highly successful GIS
Operates an award‐winning GIS department that has been recognized internationally for its
unique community information utility model and advanced work in the health and human
services sector.
Community Geomatics Centre
In 2000, SSMIC formed the Community Geomatics Centre (CGC) to assist the City of Sault Ste.
Marie and the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in developing an award-winning Integrated
Geomatics Model. The CGC is committed to developing and supporting community partnerships,
data sharing, and GIS.
The CGC has developed and maintains one of the world’s most comprehensive community-based
GIS solutions, connecting more than 60 partners and thousands of layers of data from various
CGC has won many awards including the URISA Best Public Sector GIS in Ontario and most
recently the URISA Innovation in GIS Award.
Community Geomatics Centre
Public Works
Parks and Recreation
Land Administration
Economic Development
Emergency Management
Health Care
Public Care
Social Services/Social Development
Early Childhood Development
Natural Resources
Renewable Energy
First Nations
Community Geomatics Centre
Unique in Canada
Award winning
Growth mode – 20+
Driving tangible
benefits to the region
Rural Agri-Innovation Network
Invasive Species Research Institute
Water Research and river sediment analysis
The Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN) is a project of the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre
and NORDIK Institute, with collaboration and support from local associations, producers,
businesses, municipalities, and funding organizations.
RAIN focuses on business growth and improved capacity for producers of rural based crops,
commodities, value-added products and services in the Algoma region.
The 3-year pilot project will work alongside local collaborators to:
Build relationships through networking, collaboration and priority setting to reinforce
involvement from the agricultural community
Build capacity of local producers and businesses in agriculture and food through practical
workshops, sharing information, and assisting with market development
Undertake research, tailored to the needs of local producers by conducting crop trials, fostering
innovation and sharing research that improves the sector
Health Informatics
Leverage national reputation of Group Health Centre
Algoma University
• Health Informatics Institute
• ESRI Canada Health Informatics Research Chair
Collaborations developing with numerous health organizations across Ontario
and internationally
Game and App Technology
Algoma Games for Health
Algoma University gaming degrees
Sault College Game Art program
Digital Games Business Incubator Network
Business Incubation
The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) Business Incubator is a facility designed
specifically for supporting technology and science companies looking to develop and grow their
The Business Incubator offers a turnkey environment for clients in a professional facility at
affordable monthly rates.
A business support team, along with a community of mentors, provide incubator clients with
professional guidance.
Interested candidates are welcome to review the Entrance Process to determine if the Business
Incubator is a viable solution in growing their business.
Facility and Services of the Business Incubator
Increased access to business mentoring and services
Three types of incubator space available including office suite, workstation, and “virtual”
Complete office infrastructure, including telephones at each work station, with two phones
per office suite and internet connection at each workstation (included in monthly fees)
Clerical Support and a receptionist are available to handle incoming customer inquiries.
Business Support Services
Market Information. Through our strategic partners, we provide entrepreneurs access to
premium market research resources and services at no cost.
Capital and Funding. With the support of our funding partners, we administer our own funding
programs to support innovations in science and technology. We also work with clients to help
determine their capital needs and assist them to access both our government and nongovernment funding opportunities.
Networking and Connections. We are a members of the Ontario Excellence Network (ONE), a
collaborative network of organizations across Ontario designed to help entrepreneurs
commercialize their ideas.
Potential Opportunities. We assist clients with science and technology ideas to develop and
commercialize their innovations and turn technology ideas into successful and viable business
Business Support Services
Access to small support programs:
Innovation Accelerator Program (FedNor – 15% admin fee to SSMIC)
Small Firm Assistance Program (IRAP – 10% admin fee to SSMIC)
Professional Service Program (PSP – 10% admin fee to SSMIC)
Small projects, quick turnaround
Innovator Accelerator Program (IAP)
Program Objective
To assist new business startups and existing small medium enterprises in
Northern Ontario who are developing innovation in the science and technology
sector with the initial commercialization steps required to accelerate product
introduction and marketplace positioning, with potential in revenue generation
and job creation.
Innovator Accelerator Program (IAP)
Examples of Industry Sectors:
• Advanced Health Technologies
• Digital Media and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• Green Energy Technologies
• Environmental – Clean Technologies
• Environmental – Water Technologies
• Agriculture
• Forestry
• Materials and Advanced Manufacturing
• Nanotechnology
• Financial Services
Innovator Accelerator Program (IAP)
Eligible Activities under the IAP:
• Contracted expertise for training in sales, global markets, management,
investment or any other business growth
• Trade shows and related travel
• Test-marketing
• Product testing
• Product shipping
• Branding materials
• E-commerce and promotions
Innovator Accelerator Program (IAP)
Eligible Activities under the IAP:
• Planning and development costs
• Business Planning
• Market Research
• Export development
• Feasibility analysis
• Productivity research
• Certifications
• In-market licenses
• Intellectual Property (IP) protection and
• Research or market entry fees
Innovator Accelerator Program (IAP)
Maximum Funding Amount
• Up to $5,000.00 per company in assistance may be provided towards
approved costs under the eligible activities (preferably one activity per
Contributory Requirements
• Applicants will be required to pay an administrative fee in the amount of
15% of the total funds requested. Contribution must be received before
any payments are paid to contractors
• Payments will be made directly to contractors upon completion of project.
SSMIC services for any business
Knowledge transfer workshops and seminars that have been done in the past:
• Developing a Winning Business Model by Brian Silverman, September 2012
• Trends in IT – Mobile Apps & HTML 5, January 2013
• CleanTech Biofuels Workshop, February 2013
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Marketing, February 2013
SSMIC services for any business
• Business plan templates
• Links to funding agencies
• Links to other great sites for business advice
Opportunities for collaboration (Market Development Projects)
Company Example #1
Individual developed two potentially patentable products that had commercial potential
Supported going through the process of incorporation
Provided access to expert patent lawyers in Ontario
Sought funding to support the patent search
Completed initial patent search, which recommended seeking a patent
Accessed 6 market intelligence reports valued at about $28k
• Frost and Sullivan, BCC Research, MarketResearch.com
Company Example #2
Company developed unique product for treating invasive species in trees – effective twice as
long with less impact on soil versus competitors
Accessed 8 market intelligence reports valued at almost $27k
Prepared market summary and opportunities report, with specific recommendations for the
Identified public funds to support in R&D (matching $)
Connected to experts to solve a technical issue with their product in a cost effective way
For more information
Visit: www.ssmic.com
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Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre
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