Bas Pulles, Commissioner
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
Holland offers a strategic location and international business enviroment
 Gateway to European markets and beyond
 Central position in Europe and proximity to big markets
like the United Kingdom, France and Germany
 170 million consumers within a 500km radius
 Stable political environment
 Solid economic basis - sustainable triple A status
 #7 in WEF's Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012
 50% of Dutch GDP derived from international activities
 Openness to foreign investment
Holland offers a superior logistics and technology infrastructure
 Schiphol Amsterdam Airport: ranked as Europe's best airport for both cargo and passenger transport
 3 direct flights a day between Dubai and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
 Port of Rotterdam: Europe's largest and most important harbor
 DP World invests in the Port of Rotterdam expansion
 Fast and efficient multimodal logistics networks into Europe
 #4 in Worldbank Logistics Performance Index 2010
 Dutch Customs: practical and pro-active approach - VAT deferment at time of import
 Home to Europe's largest internet hub, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)
Holland offers a conducive innovation environment and solid workforce
 Open innovation approach
 Organized public-private partnerships
 Fast-track permits for highly skilled migrants
 #8 in top R&D generators of Booz & Company's Global Innovation 100
 One of Europe's most highly educated, flexible and motivated workforces
 Dutch professionals among the most multilingual in the world
 Higher output per person employed in industry than most other European countries
 Dutch labor law provides a range of possibilities to flexibly engage employees
Holland offers a competitive fiscal climate
 Attractive tax rates compared to other countries in Western Europe
 Statutory corporate income tax rate of 25% (20% for first 200,000 Euro)
 Tax rulings from the Dutch tax authorities: giving certainty in advance on future tax positions
 Incentives for corporate R&D and innovation
 Favorable participation exemption regime
 Wide tax treaty network reducing withholding taxes on dividends, interests and royalties
 No statutory withholding tax on outgoing interest and royalty payments
 Favorable tax treatment for foreign employees (30% tax ruling)
Holland offers an attractive quality of life
 Holland applies the same open-minded principles to making its society work
for both natives and newcomers
 The standard of living is high
 Cost of living is affordable
 Dutch society is a multicultural one
 Dedicated regional expat desks offer practical support
 #6 in UN Human Development Report 2009 of best countries to live in
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)
 The NFIA is an operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
 The NFIA was established for assisting foreign companies with advice, information and practical
support, quickly, free of charge and on a confidential basis
 Founded 30 years ago NFIA already supported thousands of companies from all over the world to
successfully establish their business in the Netherlands
Support from A to Z
 Preliminary in-person meetings to discuss your business' needs
 Personalized insight and data regarding site selection and logistics strategies
 Intensive personal guidance on tax regulations, labor issues and permit procedures
 Introductions to a variety of Dutch networks and service suppliers, to government authorities and to
others of relevance to the investment process
 Customized fact-finding trips in cooperation with regional NFIA network
 Matchmaking assistance for foreign technology companies seeking European partners
 Advocacy towards national and EU governments
 Publication of information in a variety of digital ad printed media
Bas Pulles
Commissioner NFIA
Marco Smit
Executive Director
NFIA Gulf Region
Al Habtoor
Business Tower
Dubai , Marina, UAE
Ph: +971-4407609
M: +971-56-7584346
[email protected]

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency