MoZaZiMa presentation to
19th COS-coton Meeting and
2nd Steering Committee Meeting of the Support Programme
for the consolidation of the Action Framework under the EUAfrica Partnership on Cotton
ACP House 2 – 3 July 2014
• MoZaZiMa is a Cotton regional cooperation among four countries; Mozambique,
Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.
• With the help of ITC through funding provided under the EC – ALL ACP
Agriculture Commodities Programme (AAACP), the stakeholders have agreed to
cooperate on the regional cotton to clothing strategy as elaborated by COMESA
and ACTIF.
• MoZaZiMa is based on the following 6 priority areas:
– Increasing cotton production and productivity
– Improving cotton quality and classification
– Improving trade and marketing of cotton
– Institutional capacity building along the value chain
– Promote value addition of cotton
– Develop policy advocacy and partnerships
Activities Implemented
 Meeting held on 27th February, 2014 in Malawi
to discuss the MoZaZiMa activity plan for 2014 , its role and
visibility in the forthcoming significant regional events.
 Hosted a Cotton and Textile Investment Conference in
Maputo on 26th May, 2014
to attract and retain investors to the value chain both as a
sourcing and consuming market.
2. Activities Implemented
Under the EU-ACP Partnership on Cotton, the FAO facilitated the training
of trainers course on cotton Integrated Production and Pest Management
Farmer Field Schools in Zambia from 3rd February to 28th March, 2014.
The training workshop drew 30 participants from the Cotton Board of
Zambia, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Cargill Cotton Zambia
Limited, Grafax Cotton Limited, Cotton Association of Zambia, Mumbwa
Farmers’ Ginning and Pressing Company Limited and Alliance Ginning
The follow up training will be conducted in September, 2014.
Activities Implemented
 Hosted the 12th SEACF meeting in Maputo from 17th to
18th June, 2014 under the Theme “Making cotton a profitable and
sustainable business”.
Research results and efforts
were shared on achievements
and developments relating
to the theme.
Activities Implemented
Annual MoZaZiMa meeting – 19th June , 2014
Member countries met to
consolidate the MoZaZiMa
structure and cooperation
role within the region.
Activities Implemented
Handloom development project in Zambia
As a result of training events facilitated by ITC
under funding from EDF 9, a farmer owned
Ginnery was established in Zambia 2012. 30% of
the lint from the Ginnery will be span into yarn by
Mukuba Textiles Factory and used in the
Handloom clusters that will be established as a
pilot in Zambia and replicated in the MoZaZiMa
region under EDF 10 funding.
The introduction of intensive low cost fiber transformation technologies such as the
Handloom will foster cotton value addition in the region.
Activities Implemented
Women in Trade project
Aimed at empowering women cotton
farmers in Zambia by increasing business
opportunities for them by improving their
management and sales skills through
capacity building in entrepreneurship.
Lessons learned in Zambia from this project
will be shared at the sub-regional level with
other MoZaZiMa members including
Tanzania. This project is under EDF 10
funding facilitated by ITC
Development of a strategic plan to be used among other things
to mobilise resources especially for strengthening the
MoZaZiMa secretariat based in Lusaka, Zambia .
Hosting of a Southern and East African seed production study in
Zimbabwe to expose the SEA cotton sectors to the practical
conditions of seed production in Zimbabwe.
Considerable efforts are being made to harmonise seed systems
and regulatory systems within the region.
Plans are underway to exchange germplasm for varietal
breeding research in the 4 countries and for seed purity
maintenance research among the members.
Harmonization of extension services in the region to implement
a uniform extension methodology under the farmer field schools
system or study circle system.
Advance harmonization of Biotechnology and biosafety policies
by in country research institutions or a regional research in order
to introduce Bt Cotton in the region.
Merci !