Mapping Pharmacy Catchment Area
Health Needs
Sonderegger Research Center (SRC)
UW School of Pharmacy
Betty Chewning PhD, Korey Kennelty PharmD ABD,
Dave Kreling, RPh PhD, Bill Buckingham PhD, Dale
Wilson MA; Jia Pu ABD
The PEARL Rx network is supported by grant 1UL1RR025011 from the Clinical & Translational Science
Award (CTSA) program of the National Center for Research Resources National Institutes of Health.
• Demonstrate a Geographic Information
Systems (GIS) data management potential to:
– Spatially analyze and inform PEARL Rx pharmacy
network members about health needs in their
catchment area
– Identify key counties to recruit PEARL Rx members
Documented Variation in Health By County
• Census data
• Hospital discharge diagnosis data from
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP)
– Hospitalization discharge diagnoses for
ambulatory care sensitive conditions
– “diagnoses for which timely and effective outpatient care can
help to reduce the risks of hospitalization.”
[Billings J, et al. (1993); Bindman AB, et al., (1995)]
Interactive Platform Created
• Contains census data and HCUP data organized by
county and zip code
• Also contains pharmacy capacity data
– Number of pharmacies
– Number of pharmacists and age
– Drive time 20 minutes or more 1 way to pharmacy
• Collaborator: UW Applied Population Laboratory
Potential to Aid Discussions
• Service Development and Improvement for
PEARL Rx members
• Grant applications that mesh catchment area
health needs and pharmacist interest
Bacterial Pneumonia Profile for 65 and up
Congestive Heart Failure for 65 and Up
Iowa County Pharmacy Profile
Target PEARL Rx Enrollment
• Mapping health needs suggests counties to
recruit for PEARL Rx (Pharmacy Practice Enhancement
and Action Research Link)
• Capacity issues become apparent as well
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Mapping Pharmacy Catchment Area Health Needs