An introduction to Research Data
Loughborough University Research Office
What is Research Data Management?
Research Data Management (RDM) is the curation of
research data thought its lifecycle. Good research data
management practice allows reliable verification of results
and permits new and innovative research built on existing
Funders’ Expectations
Research Funders’ data policies set expectations for the management
and public availability of research data. RCUK’s seven common principles
in brief are:
Make data openly available where possible
Have policies and plans for research data and preserve data with long-term
Provide sufficient metadata for discovery and provide information on access
to data in publications
Consider legal, ethical and commercial constraints on release of research
Protect the efforts of research data creators with appropriate embargoes
Acknowledge the source of research datasets and abide by the terms and
conditions of use
Ensure cost-effective use of public funds for RDM
RDM at Loughborough University
A RDM Steering Committee comprising Senior Managers, Academics and
Professional Support Staff are considering RDM services and support in
response to funders’ requirements including:
Development of a RDM policy
Survey of researcher’s RDM requirements
Creation of a data asset register to promote the University’s research data
Investigation of the costs and benefits of an institutional data archive
Oversee training, support and guidance
RDM at Loughborough University
RDM developments
Research data management policy has been drafted
Survey of researchers to establish data requirements has been undertaken
A research data register (LUPIN) is under-development
Establishing a Loughborough research data archive is being investigated
RDM training (University Library) is underway
Useful resources
Funder research data policies
 RCUK common principles on data policy:
 EPSRC Policy Framework on Research Data:
Loughborough University RDM activities
 Research data management project:
 Research Support:

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