Workplace Health Promotion
(WHP) in Austria
„Österreichfenster“ bei der Europäischen Ministerkonferenz der
WHO zum Thema Ernährung und NCD im Kontext 2020
The Austrian Model of WHP
» successful Austrian approach to high-quality and sustainable WHP:
Austrian Network Workplace Health Promotion
(built by social security institiutions and social partners)
Fonds Gesundes Österreich (FGÖ)
the national health promotion organisation
» FGÖ funded more than 300 comprehensive WHP-projects
based on quality criteria of the Luxembourg Declaration on WHP in the EU (1997)
correspond to the WHO Ottawa Charter (1986)
The Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health
“Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) is the combined efforts of
employers, employees and society to improve the health and
well-being of people at work.”
This can be achieved through a combination of:
» improving the work organisation and the working environment
» promoting active participation
» encouraging personal development
The Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion
in the European Union, 1997
Funding of WHP-projects by the FGÖ
» FGÖ = national competence center and central funding office for
health promotion in Austria and one of the three business units of
Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GÖG)
» Activities of the FGÖ are based on the health promotion act released in
1998 (Gesundheitsförderungsgesetz 1998)  Workplace Health
Promotion decided mentioned
» the aim is to support companies in the implementation of WHP by
impulse funding
» funding of project-process ( co-funding of projects from the company’s own
budget or from other funding stakeholders), charges for the implementation
of interventions and an infrastructural investment can not be accepted
WHP-project process according to WHP-management
cycle (Public Health Action Cycle)
steering committee
• planning, target-setting
• controlling
• employee attitude surveys
• analysis of sick leave data
health panels
• participation
• suggestions for improvement
• organisation-directed
• behavioural-directed
» nutrition is an important issue of funded WHP-projects
» enterprises sometimes use nutrition-measures as a first step to
improve employees health and start developing a healthy enterprise
(e.g. „the apple day“)
» enterprises offer a wide spectrum of healthy nutrition activities as a
part of comprehensive WHP-projects :
community nutrition
(e.g. healthy staff canteen)
sensibilization for healthy nutrition
cooking workshops,
nutrition courses, etc.
» All activities and contents are corresponding to the Austrian National
Nutrition Action Plan published by the Austrian Ministry of Health
» FGÖ has developed a cook book
especially for community nutrition and gastronomy
and organises workshops for people working there:
Examples for formal project funding criteria
» submission before project starts via “FGÖ-Projektguide”
( = online-project-development-tool
» Everybody can submit an application – correctly by companies,
not by agents or external consultants
» singular submission for perennial projects
» minimum-level of project costs for WHP-projects:
EUR 5,000 (low budget projects)
» simplified submission form for WHP-projects with an applied
sum < EUR 10,000
Information material of evidence by FGÖ
Magazin Gesundes Österreich (magazine “Healthy Austria”)
mobbing- and burn-out-guidelines
brochure WHP for small and medium-sized businesses
WHP in Austria – models of good practice 2011
WHP in Civil Service
publication of results of commissioned
research projects
Further education program
» assurance of sustainability by capacity building is a quality criteria in
FGÖ-funded projects
» for this the FGÖ offers different further education programmes in
cooperation with the Austrian network WHP:
» WHP project management
» health panel moderation
» healthy leadership
 target group are internal players in WHP-projects
» seminar booking via the further education
database of the FGÖ:
The Austrian Network WHP
» founded in 2000
» national coordination office is situated at the Upper Austrian Health
» regional offices as centres of excellence in
the nine federal states
situated at the health insurances
» service centres of the Austrian network WHP
Railway and Mining Insurance Institution (VAEB)
Public Servants‘ Insurance Institution (BVA)
» partner of the Austrian network WHP
Central Federation of Social Insurance Carriers (HVB)
Social Insurance Institution of Industrial Economy (SVA)
Economic Chamber Austria (WKÖ)
Chamber of Labour (BAK)
Confederation of Austrian Labour Unions (ÖGB)
Industrialists' Association (IV)
Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA)
Quality assurance
» quality assurance program of the Austrian Network WHP
- three stages:
1. WHP-charter (until now 830 signings)
2. WHP-quality label (until now 356 companies achieved the label;
limited to three years)
3. WHP-award (5th award in March 2011)
» sustainability of workplace health promotion:
» workplace health management
» integrated management
 74 companies already received the quality label
twice, 35 even three times
Services and activities of the Austrian network WHP
» consultancy and support of companies regarding implementation of
WHP by regional offices and service centres
» individual services, e.g.
analysis of sick leave data
employee attitude surveys
theme-specific programs (e.g. programs regarding exercise, nutrition, nonsmoking campaigns)
» information and public relation (e.g. WHP-newsletter)
» dissemination of a common comprehension of WHP by means of the
process model:
focus on environment-directed interventions,
e.g. leadership, communication, work
organisation and –processes,
(decision) latitude, gratification,
social support
Contact details
Fonds Gesundes Österreich
A business division of Gesundheit Österreich GmbH
Aspernbrückengasse 2, 1020 Vienna /
Dr. Klaus Ropin, health specialist
[email protected], +43 1 895 04 00 - 14
Mag. (FH) Sabrina Kucera, project assistent
[email protected], +43 1 895 04 00 – 22

Austrian Network Workplace Health Promotion