Innovations to Transition a Campus Core Cyberinfrastructure
to Serve Diverse and Emerging Researcher Needs
Prasad Calyam (Presenter), Jay Young, Paul Schopis
• Science DMZ construction with advanced technologies
100Gbps connectivity to OARnet, perfSONAR, OpenFlow, RoCE/iWARP, Bro
• Define and establish role of a “Performance Engineer on Campus”
App development to help operations, policy development, funding model
• Wide-area experimentation case studies with Co-PIs
OSU – MU experiments: Brain imaging, Soybean translational genomics
Cloud/OSC experiments: adoption of cloud-based technologies for big-data
import, storage and collaboration, as well as related analytics
Multi-physics experiments: foster multi-physics research collaboration and highresolution simulation steering; graduate capstone project for validation
Others…geography, high-energy physics, agriculture, material science
OSU Science DMZ
(Logical Diagram)
Equipment Purchase and Locations
100 Gbps border router – connect to OARnet-Internet2 peered network
– Science DMZ Location at OSU Border: KRC; Vendor: Looking at Juniper, Cisco,
Arista and Brocade offerings for Year 2 and beyond
OpenFlow switches – configure VLANs to remote sites (e.g., MU, GENI)
– Locations: 1 at Science DMZ border, and 3 at inner-campus “aggregation” points
that reach all researchers; Vendors: NEC, Dell, Brocade
perfSONAR measurement points – collect end-to-end performance metrics
– Locations: 1 at Science DMZ border, and at 3 or 4 inner-campus locations to
reach research labs in primary use cases (e.g., Physics, Med Center, CS Dept.)
Data transfer nodes – wide-area RDMA-based, GridFTP technologies
– Locations: Same plan as perfSONAR measurement points
Policy-directory server – enforces researchers’ project-specific policies
– Location: Coupled with OpenFlow controller and located at Science DMZ border
Bro Cluster – investigate the tradeoffs to be balanced between researcher
flow performance and campus security practices
– Location: Coupled with all equipment at Science DMZ border; Deploy in Year 2
OSU-MU GENI Experiments
POC: Jay Young – [email protected]; 614-292-7350
Common testbed setup tasks
– Federation of Ohio State U and U of Missouri - Columbia Science DMZs
• User accounts/roles; single sign-on; authorization policies
– End-to-end (programmable) perfSONAR instrumentation & measurement
– Establishment of VLAN extensions and GENI experimentation over Internet2
– Experiments with optimized large data transfers with RoCE and iWARP
Research Use Case: Soybean translational genomics and breeding
– MU “Soybean KB” ( database and “Brain Explorer” experiments
with OSU for set up of GENI slices to dynamically change user load patterns
from remote campuses
– Service response time analysis of distributed databases, web-services for remote
user access’ scalability, imaging computation speed/accuracy
– D. K. Panda (OSU), Prasad Calyam (MU), Ye Duan (MU), Dong Xu (MU), Umit
Catalyurek (OSU), Gordon Springer (MU), Paul Schopis (OARnet)

Innovations to Transition a Campus Core Cyberinfrastructure