Development of Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR)
Stakeholder Forum
May 15, 2014
• Welcome
Judge John J. Specia, Commissioner
• LAR Exceptional Item Development
Tracy Henderson, Chief Financial Officer
• Public Comments
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Commissioner Specia
Progress Report
• Adult Protective Services (APS) implementing
improved client assessment and decision-making tools
on September 1, 2014
• Child Care Licensing has increased staff dedicated to
proactively searching for illegal child care operations
– Since November 1, 2013: 408 operations investigated
– As of February 2014: 52 previously illegal operations have
submitted applications
Progress Report (continued)
• Reduction in Child Protective Services (CPS)
investigator caseloads
– Fiscal Year (FY) 2012: 24.7 to 1
– FY 2013:
19.9 to 1
• Reduction in CPS investigation delinquencies (open
more than 60 days)
– March 2012:
– March 2014:
30.1 percent
20.8 percent
Progress Report (continued)
• Increases in adoptions, particularly those involving relatives
All adoptions
– FY 2012:
– FY 2013:
Percent to Relatives
• Increase in the number of children in kinship placements
– FY 2012:
– FY 2013:
• Continued reduction in the number of foster children
receiving psychotropic medication
External Reviews
• Sunset Advisory Commission
– Late May: public release of staff report
– June 24th and 25th: public hearing
– August 13th: Commissioner decision hearing
• Operational review of CPS
– February: analysis began
– June: report to be delivered
• Casey Family Programs review of Harris County
– December 2013: assessment began
– April: report submitted
LAR Timeline
• May 2014
– Governor and Legislative Budget Board (LBB) provide
instructions, including policy guidance
– Public hearing
• June 2014
– Submit 2014-15 Baseline Request
– Continue preparing LAR documents
LAR Timeline (continued)
• July 2014
– Brief DFPS Council
– Finalize items to be included as exceptional items
– Complete preparation of LAR documents
• August 2014
– Submit LAR to Governor and LBB
– Publish on agency and LBB home pages
Baseline vs. Exceptional Items
• Baseline Request: may not exceed the sum of
amounts expended in FY 2014 and budgeted for FY
2015, per policy guidance
• Exceptional Item Request: any request for General
Revenue (GR) funding in excess of the Baseline
• DFPS anticipates the policy guidance to allow an
increase in GR funding to maintain entitlement
caseload growth
Categories for
Exceptional Item Development
• Ensure Solid Foundation for Delivery of Current Services
• Improve Safety for Children
• Increase Prevention Services
• Improve Staff Retention, Recruitment and Safety
• Improve Program Infrastructure
• Additional Initiatives
Ensure Solid Foundation for
Delivery of Current Services
• Maintain FY 2015 Staffing Levels and Costs for FY 2016-17
This request would annualize the 2014-15 increases in staffing and
support costs for a full 24 months
• Maintain 2016-17 Caseload Growth for Non-Entitlement
This request would fund the projected caseload in non-entitlement
services such as day care and other purchased services
• Replace Statewide Intake Automated Call Distributor
This request would replace certain components reaching their end of life
and directly impact the ability to take incoming calls
Improve Safety for Children
• Focus on Review of Child Fatalities
This request would increase centralized, independent review of child
abuse/neglect fatalities and serious/near fatal injuries
• Improve Operation of Child Care Licensing
This request would allow improvements and efficiencies in the
operations of both Residential Child Care and Day Care Licensing
• Enhance Background Check Process
This request would dedicate staff to evaluating compliance with
background check rules and automate the process for a “Clearance
Pass” for persons working in or fostering children in a licensed child
care setting
Increase Prevention Services
• Help Military and Veteran Families
This request would fund family support services for military families
experiencing deployment to reduce the stress that may result in child abuse
and neglect
• Expand the Project HOPES, focusing on Young Children
This funding would expand these prevention services to five at-risk
counties. Project HOPES stands for Project Healthy Outcomes through
Prevention and Early Support.
Improve Staff Retention,
Recruitment and Safety
• Worker Safety
This request would provide staff dedicated to provide trauma support and
assistance in navigating safety procedures
• Improve Staff Retention
This request would fund additional training staff and support staff initiatives to
handle staff complaints, analyze exit surveys, and manage and implement a
comprehensive plan to improve retention and increase accountability
• Improve Staff Recruitment
This request would provide an educational stipend to Child Care Licensing staff
• Recommendations from CPS Operational Review
This is a placeholder for recommendations needing funding
Improve Program Infrastructure
• Continue IMPACT Modernization
This request would continue the funding for the next two years of modernizing
the IMPACT system
• APS Improvements
This request would add staff to review facility investigations to ensure quality
and timeliness and decrease the ratio of supervisors to caseworkers to 1:5
• Improve CLASS Modernization
This request would review the current automated system for child care licensing
as well as other external systems and recommend a automated solution for the
2018-19 biennium
Additional Initiatives
• Streamline Adoption Processing
This request would fund solutions such as expediting
redaction requests
• Enhance Forensic Assessment Center Network
This request would improve access to medical professionals
in order to improve timely diagnoses of injuries and medical
emergencies and to improve medical outcomes
DFPS Exceptional Items
Certain technology-related requests may be carried by HHSC on
behalf of all or some of the HHS system agencies. For DFPS
those items include:
DIR Data Center
CAPPS Financial Upgrade
Telecommunications Management Services
Cyber-security Advancement
System to manage and secure mobile devices, laptops, and desktops
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Public Comment
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