4-H In Alabama
Dr. Lamar Nichols
Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development
Alabama 4-H is an innovative,
responsive leader in developing
youth to be productive citizens and
leaders in a complex and dynamic
Our vision is supported
through collaborative,
committed efforts of
Extension professionals,
youth, and volunteers.
Volunteer Rules of Behavior
Patricia Bryant
Alabama 4-H Volunteer
National 4-H Salute To Excellence Volunteer Award Winner
Use alcohol
Promote your religious or political
Steal, pilfer, or commit fraud
Use tobacco outside designated areas
Make sexual advances toward youth
Willfully damage property
Let passengers in vehicles without
seatbelts or in the backs of trucks
Engage in illegal behaviors
Ages & Stages of Youth
Dr. Jennifer Kerpelman
Professor and Extension Specialist
Auburn University – Human Development
and Family Studies
Quite active
Girls mature faster than boys
See adults as authority figures
See punishment as direct
Feel loyalty to the group
May prefer to be with the same sex
Need to feel accepted
Prefer concrete ideas
Want to explore the world
Have interests in hobbies
May express themselves in writing
Exhibit a wide range
of sexual maturity
and growth patterns
Experiencing rapid
changes in physical
Concerned about appearance and
Interested in activities that involve
opposite sex
Look more to peers than parents
Seek acceptance and trust
Search for adult role models
Sex is depersonalized
Reject ready-made solutions
Question authority and values
Mood swings
Justice and equity are important
Think abstractly
Can solve complex problems
Challenge assumptions
Can imagine consequences
Curious about the environment
Concern about body image
Smaller range in size and maturity
Realistic view of limits
Tend to romanticize sexuality
Search for intimacy
Test sexual attractiveness
Can follow through
Know that adults make mistakes
Reject goals set by others
Focus on independence and identity
Imagine impact on the future
Develop theories
Impatient with meaningless activities
Be Kind – But Be Firm: Your Role In
Enforcing the Rules
Maggie Lawrence
Extension Communications Specialist
Justice – punishment matches
Consequences – a result of choices
Encourage future behavior
A learning experience
Safety and First Aid Guidelines
Joy Maxwell
Regional Extension Agent –
4-H Youth Development
Risk Management
Nancy Alexander
Extension Specialist - Volunteerism
4-H Youth Development