Diten – Dsa (Università degli studi di Genova)
Master’s Degree
Yacht Design (Engineering)
I - 2nd semester
Course title
Yacht Design Studio Workshop A – Theory of
marine design 1
Arch. Stefano Grande
Course Code ID
Course Credit (CFU)
Scientific-Disciplinary Sector
Course Type
Education objectives
The main goal is to get to solve the composition
and the overall organization of a motor boat set
up to be used by its owner. The search for
morphological and functional cases and similar
products will be useful to develop awareness on
the addressed subjects, environments and
distributions to be preferred in relation to the
use, formal solutions and performance to be
The first part of the course will be dedicated to
the critical study of solutions already developed
and proposed on the market, that are of
particular functional, distribution, performance
and innovation interest in the nautical sector. In
particular, the analysis will deal with metric
parameters (areas, surfaces, paths) and
solutions, design).
The second part will be dedicated more
specifically to the exam subject, to the study of
the project briefing, then turn to the definition of
the nature of the proposed project and
eventually to the design of general plans and
internal and external volumes. The project will
be developed in groups of up to three students.
Learning outcomes
The subject of the final project is the planning of
a concept of pleasure craft motor less than 24
meters long, of unusual type, that is different
from traditional motor yachts in terms of
morphological, technical and distribution
techniques. The briefing of the project subject,
along with the hulls in 3 dm format, will be
provided by the faculty.
Organization and examinations
The course will be developed in the form of
laboratory, providing ex cathedra lessons
followed by the practical implementation of the
addressed topics and specific reviews of the
work in progress. Special attention will be given
to the coordination stage of practical application
of the topics covered during the course, of their
mutual interactions to the research and the final
design, while still maintaining control of the
consistency between results and assumptions.
It is recommended an active presence in the
classroom; you may also want to bring drawing
materials and what you need to work in the
classroom as early as from the second lesson.
The examination consists of a presentation of
the work done and an oral discussion on the
contents developed and tested during the year.
The assessment will take into account the
curriculum developed during the course and the
final presentation. The final work consists of a
Table with color printing in A1 vertical format
adequately explaining the design solution and
all dimensional, technical and graphic
information aimed at a perfect understanding of
the choices made (sketches, charts, technical
drawings to a suitable scale, diagrams,
photographs, render and three-dimensional
models, etc ...). During the exam it is requested
to deliver the 3dm file containing geometries of
the project.
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