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«Ah, me dispiace...
Ma io so’ io, e voi
non siete un ca**o»
“Oh, I’m sorry,
I am who I am,
while you are
fu**ing nothing!”
Il marchese del grillo
(1981) History/Comedy, directed by Mario Monicelli.
Main cast: Alberto Sordi, Paolo Stoppa, Caroline Berg, Andrea
Awards: Silver Berlin Bear (Best Director), Silver Ribbon (Best
Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay), David di Donatello (Best
Production Design, Best Costume Design).
28 October
Storyline (from Imdb):
Alberto Sordi impersonates the eccentric Marquess Del Grillo, who actually lived,
although not in the same period the movie depicts. Director Mario Monicelli uses
Del Grillo's myth and his plethora of jokes to expose the hypocrisy of Vatican
State and Roman noble class, while ideas such as "freedom, equality and
brotherhood" were slowly penetrating in the conservative society. Marchese del
Grillo is surely a life-lover and an intellectual in his own way, and does not feel
satisfied in narrow-minded 1815 Rome, despite (or maybe, because of) his wealth.
He befriends frenchmen, enjoys spending time with common people and doesn't
mind to corrupt a whole jury just to show that "justice is dead".
Gelateria il Capriccio, Ispra
Pizzeria La Parada, Cadrezzate
Pasticceria Albizzati, Angera
Pasticceria Donà, Ispra