Dear Jogivers,
Wij have started onz scouts year well and from yearlijkse gewounte, it is in
the month of October time for thé awesome takweek- end !!
So you can reath it isn't just a week-end, no it is nooot! We go up U.S.A.
week-end, hell yeah! So kome as a real AMERICAN up week-end. Be
Our week-end go door in the scoutslokalen of Wechelderzande, Kerkepad 35,
2275 Lille
You will be verwacht Vrijday 24-10-2014 at 19u30
at the localen of Wechelderzande. Yullie
mommies and daddies komen yullie back oppikken
Sunday 26-10-2014 at 12u00 in Wechelderzande.
Because you know elkaar you can do some
carpool. Obama also would say: yes, you can!
The kostprice of the week-end will be 25 euro.
This bedrag will be afgegeven bij arrival cash
samen with the paspoort.
!!!!!! When you want to join us you have tot stuur a e-mail to:
[email protected] !!!!!!!
What bring we mee?
 (Warm) Kledij: pants,
sweater, t-shirts, undergoed
& soks
 Reserve clothes
 Stevige schoes
 Perfect uniform -> wear tis
bij arrival
 Rainkledij
 Toiletgerief: toothborstel,
toothpasta, washand,
borstel, ...
 Bord, bestek & beker
 Kitchenhanddoek
 U.S.A. verkleedclothes
 Sleepclothes + teddybear
 Matje, slaapbag & pillow
 Pocketlamp
 Paspoort
 25 euro
 Eventuele medicatie
Do not bring mee:
Food & drinks
Alarm klock
Other waardevol stuff
See you soon!!
Greetings and kisses,
The Leiding

Dear Jogivers, Wij have started onz scouts year