U-Neck is a device that provides a comprehensive and complete solution to cervical problems,
neck, and most common pains:
Neck pain and cervical stiffness
Numbness in the arms and shoulders
Headaches, especially at the back of the head
Dizziness and loss of balance
Irritability and fatigue due to sleep disorders caused by cervical spondylitis.
Natural curvature Problems (bone hyperplasia)
Edema and inflammation
The U-Neck device adopts low frequency electric therapy; far infrared therapy and vibration
massage therapy to stimulate different types of nerve fibers. It stimulates the blood circulation &
relaxes the regional muscle to eliminate the inflammation, swelling, pains & fatigue
It holds the CE-certification in accordance with the requirements as specified by the European
Product Features:
U-Neck stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the neck muscles, and helps reduce inflammation
and possible neck pain, consequences of poor posture and fatigue. It has 3 main functions:
* Ergonomically designed to fit the shape of the neck.
* Far infrared heating, Electric Impulse and Vibration Massage features:
- Far infrared heating. According to self-needs and temperature circumstance. You can choose
between the Low heat & High heat degree.
- Six different electric impulse modes applicable to different needs of people.
- Six different vibration massage modes.
Mechanical vibration massage
Electro-stimulation of low intensity
Infrared heat system
1. Vibration + Heat + Electro-Stimulation
2. Vibration + Heat
3. Heat + Electro-Stimulation
4. Heat
5. Vibration
6. Electro-Stimulation
* Designed with a remote controller, LCD Screen and back light, easy to operate and simple to use.
Operating Instructions:
How to Charge the U-Neck
For the first time or when the rechargeable battery is out of supply, please use the adapter for
charging. Put the switch into the “charge” mode (shown by a DC 6V symbol). Plug the adaptor
into the socket and the power light will flash on a green light. When the battery is full, then the light
will be fixed. It takes between 6-8 hours to be fully charged.
A Multi language Users guide is provided on the box for correct use of U-Neck device.
U-Neck Technological breakthrough:
U-Neck is the latest generation multi-therapy device with the most advanced health technology:
Ergonomically designed to adapt any neck size and cervical curvature
Remote control with LCD screen for easy use
Infrared system with different temperature levels (heat treatment)
Magnets acupuncture low-frequency (Magnet Therapy)
Vibration function with 6 different massage modes
Electro-stimulation with low-intensity system (6 modes)
Adjustable timer from 5 -30 minutes
Automation system modes and functions
Rechargeable device
1. The device does not turn on what should I do?
Please charge it when the power is low or when you are about to use it for first time. Just switch
the “ON/CHARGE “ button to “CHARGE “, and then indicator on the device will be in green
and flashing , when it stops flashing and remains green ,it means power has been fully recharged. It
takes about 6-8 hours to be fully charged
2. The device is fully charged but still does not work what should I do?
Please be sure that the remote control infrared dispatch window is aiming to the infrared receiver
window of the device. Both windows should be opposite to each other. This position is necessary
for remote controller to operate. Each operation sent from the remote control will “beep” on the
device when received.
U-Neck provides a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase. In the event of a
claim, the receipt or invoice must be proven showing the date of purchase. Defects in U-Neck
device or material will be replaced free of charge within the warranty period.
Technical Specifications:
U-Neck “Neck Massager”
Model 1.0
Power: Instrument:
6VDC 800mA
CR2032 Button Battery 3VDC
Electric Impulse frequency:
Width of Electric Impulse:
Electric impulse wave:
Square Wave
Heating Temperature:
+40℃~ +48℃ (Under 25℃)
Box Size: