Moet je doen, groep 7 les 1
The sunshinesong (Hans van Eerden)
2x This is a song about the ...
2x Playing the whole day in the…
2x Swimming together in the…
2x Drinking your cola in the…
2x Eating your chocolate in the…
This is the sunshinesong
Going to my bedroom in the moonlight …
Bye to the sunshinesong
Zonnige klassieke muziek
componist Haydn
‘Sie steigt herauf’ (luistervoorbeeld 2).
Sie steigt herauf, die Sonne, sie steigt.
Sie naht, sie kommt.
Sie scheint in herrlicher Pracht,
in flammender Majestät!
Zonnige popmuziek
• You are the sunshine of my life
• Walking on sunshine
• Let the sunshine
(lvb. 3) – Stevie Wonder
(lvb. 4) – Jennifer Lopez
(lvb. 5) – musical “Hair”
I’m thinking sunshine
I'm thinking
And I'm thinking
I'm thinking
And I think that you should too
I'm thinking loud
I'm thinking boom (boom!)
I'm thinking dynamite
In everything I do
I'm thinking
And I'm thinking
I'm thinking all these brilliant colors
Shining through
I'm thinking smile
I'm thinking sing (ahhahhahh)
I'm thinking I don't
Have to worry about a thing
And I'm thinking…
I'm thinking…
I'm thinking sunshine (4x)
I'm thinking sunshine (4x)
I'm thinking *whistle* (4x)
I'm thinking *whistle* (4x)
I'm thinking sunshine

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