Declaration of REACH Conformity This certificate affirms that MILLETEKNIK AB will fulfill its obligations under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorzation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation. MILLETEKNIK AB products do not contatin any of the 155 substances listed on 2014-­‐08-­‐15. The list is available for viewing at MILLETEKNIK AB Policy MILLETEKNIK AB will continuously review the ECHA “Candidate List” for additions and updates and act accordingly in compliance with REACH regulations. In the extremely unlikely situation that a MILLETEKNIK AB product is found to contain SVHCs more than 1000 ppm by weight, MILLETEKNIK AB will comply with the notification procedures to the authorities and recipients required under REACH legislation. In the mean time, MILLETEKNIK AB will also use its best efforts to update the design and eliminate the SVHC in the products. Magnus Lund / VD MILLETEKNIK AB _____________________________________ 2014-­‐08-­‐15 Disclaimer: Knowledge of the substance content herein related to MILLETEKNIK AB products is based on information provided by third parties such as suppliers and test laboratories. To our knowledge, the information is believed to be reliable and is provided in good faith, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed and no representations or warranties are made with regards to its completeness or accuracy or otherwise. MILLETEKNIK AB makes no warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a partiular purpose in regards to this information. Before using products, you must evaluate them and determine if they are suitable for your intended applications. You assume all risks and liability with such uses. Except where prohibited by law, MILLETEKNIK AB will not be liable for any indirect, special incidental or consequential loss or damage arising from MILLETEKNIK AB products. Milleteknik AB • Ögärdesvägen 8B, 433 30 PARTILLE, SWEDEN • Tel +46 31-34 00 230 • Fax +46 31-34 00 239
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Declaration of REACH Conformity