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Indian Salon Industry Overlook
Going by the market statistics, it is confirmed
by the Indian Salon Report 2013 that the
‘Indian salon industry stands at a staggering
$ 2 billion (INR 1,23,45,00,00,000/-) mark
and is expected to touch $3.5 billion
(INR 2,15,93,25,00,000/-) by 2015.’
Hence the fastest growing industry
in India as on now.
Why Makeover Studio
 Does everyone wants to look Beautiful / Handsome ?
 Can you manage your hairstyling on your own ?
 Do you copy and paste Fashion ?
 Are you aware what suits you better ?
 Is it possible for everyone to afford a Beauty Parlor /
Salon every month for their beauty needs ?
What if all the above questions have
an affordable answer ?
Promotion Strategies
 Only 1 Makeover Studio to be established per city
to give enough value to the Studio.
 Makeover specialist Siddhi Choony, a renowned
International Makeover Specialist based at
Mauritius with more than 25+ years experience in
 Awareness seminars to be held in all the major
cities which will be conducted and demonstrated
by Siddhi Choony herself with live Makeovers.
Makeover Specialist
Siddhi Choony
Targeted Cliental
All those who will be benefited by Makeover Studio
would be –
 Housewives
 Fresh Graduates
 Front liner Staff at Showrooms / Malls
 Upcoming Models
 Corporate Professionals
 Brides & Grooms
and anyone else who would love to look adorable…
Over Heads
Costing & Details
Space Required
Around 1500 Sq. Feet Carpet
Franchise Fees
Royalty Fees per month
INR 500/- per sq. feet
12% on Gross Sales &
INR 1,250/- per Student
Interior Cost
App. INR 1,500/- per sq. feet
Product Cost
App. INR 7,00,000/-
Equipments * (only applicable for Spa Model)
App. INR 10,00,000/-*
Franchise Role & Relationship
• Need to understand the business models and select as per budget and location.
• Understand the documentation and the business profile along with the budget
• Sign all the legal documents with the Brand to start the Centre.
• Ensure all the required licenses are procured as per the state Government norms.
• Staff accommodation is made available and ready to be used by the staff.
• All designs and interiors are as per accordance with the Brand.
Post Launch
• Ensure the smooth running of the center.
• Ensure all the payments and staff salaries are being paid on time.
• Do the local area marketing in accordance with the Franchiser’s guidelines.
• Shall ensure that Centre is kept free from any illegal activities.
• Pay royalties on time to the Franchiser.
Franchiser Role & Relationship
• Helps the Franchise in identifying the appropriate location for the Centre.
• Helps in identifying the right vendors or select from the one listed.
• Helps in interior designing layouts and designs.
• Offers the Brand name for the said location.
• Develop design for all marketing and promotional material.
• Supports with all operating & billing systems.
• Provide well trained staff for Centre.
Post Launch
• Offer complete guidelines for day to day activities.
• Offer complete guidelines for Marketing.
• Provide staff as and when necessary.
• Completely monitor the Revenue generation.
• Continuous up gradation in terms of staff trainings.
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