Happy Thursday!
Supplies Needed Today:
Writer’s Notebooks
(Wed, Jan 14th)= Character
Excursion Permission form; you can turn
into the inbox today
Students read, write, speak and listen to analyze
the importance of setting in short stories.
2.Setting Assignment
4.Ray Bradbury- “The Veldt”
The Wilderness Downtown
“Every story would be another story and
unrecognizable if you took up its characters
and plot and made it happen somewhere else
… Fiction depends for its life on place.”
— Eudora Welty
Setting Assignment
Due Thursday, Jan 22nd
Ray Bradbury
• American
Science Fiction
(SciFi) writer
• + 600
• Fahrenheit
451, The
Illustrated Man,
• “The Veldt
published in
“Veldt” Vocabulary: 1/8
Notes Section of Binders
veldt: Any of the open grazing areas of
southern Africa
odorophonics: an idea made up by
Bradbury; a system capable of
reproducing selected scents that fool the
human nervous system.
emanations: thoughts
televised: instead of calling home on a
phone, the children “televise” home,
sending a message over the television
good humor,
Prewrite: “The Veldt” 5min:
Writer’s Notebooks
Choose one to response to (both if time)
What might happen if rooms could
become environments sensitive to the
thoughts and feelings of their human
is your perspective of the viewpoint
held by some parents that “nothing's too
good for our children”?
As we listen..
As we listen to Stephen Colbert read
“The Veldt” follow along in the text:
Underline words/ideas that you like/are
 Circle words/ideas that
confuse you
Annotate as desired
7min in Writer’s Notebooks
Describe the setting of this story. Give proof
from the story to back up your answer.
Discussion as class
What is the nursery? What do the walls
of the nursery reflect?
 How does Bradbury describe the
physical appearance of Peter and
Wendy when they return home in the
evening? How does their physical
description contrast with what we know
about their mental activities?
Discussion Questions:
Atmosphere in a story is the prevailing feeling or
mood. It usually sets up expectations in the reader
about the outcome of an episode or plot. It is
created by descriptive diction, imagery and
dialogue. Describe the atmosphere of the story,
using adjectives only (such as “creepy” or “cold”).
 Why was Peter screaming, “Don't let father kill
everything”? What was George actually doing?
What does this suggest about Peter's relationship
with technology?
 Do you think the children realize what they have
done to their parents? Explain your answer.
“The Veldt” should go in the Handouts
section of your Binder.
Character Excursion signed (Wed, Jan 13th)
Setting Journal (Fri, Jan 24th)