Induction Presentation
Susan McLean-Orlando MEd
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Welcome to the NICENET homepage!
This is where your session will begin.
From here you can
navigate around your
learning environment.
From here you can
check and send personal
This is your personal
message inbox.
You can also access
Conferencing, and add
new topics.
This is the Conferencing
Topics page. From here
you can enter each of
the topics listed.
From here you can view
messages regarding the
You can also post
a message on a
topic. If you post
directly from the
topic heading, your
message goes to
that topic!
Give your message a
subject line!
If your new message
page doesn’t show
the topic, make sure
you select the correct
topic from the drop
down box!
This takes you
to the Links
Sharing page.
Here you can access links
posted by others.
You can add your own
links for others to use.
From here you can access
documents posted on the
You can also add
From the homepage you can
view your class schedule.
This also tells you about
assignments and when they
are due.
You can turn in an
assignment that has
to be posted by
clicking here
Tips for NICENET
• Your Nicenet classroom is a controlled environment.
Please do not give your password or the access code to
anyone else!
• Become familiar with the online classroom as quickly
as possible.
• Log in regularly. If you participate on a regular basis
you will find the online learning experience much more
enjoyable and effective.
• Find the time of day when you work best online. You
can access Nicenet around the clock.
• Print documents that you wish to study in more depth.
• Interact with your teacher. If you’re not sure about
what you need to do, then ask questions and/or ask for
Tips for NICENET
• Find a friend! Just like in the regular classroom,
students who team up with another student or other
students find it easier to succeed.
• Create a schedule for yourself. Although the course
material can be accessed at any time of day, many
students find it best to create a standard schedule that
they keep to.
• Meet the course deadlines! It will be easier to
complete the course material if you meet the deadlines.
Do let your teacher know if you have problems.
• Be open to change. E-learning is still a new field.
Enjoy being an online student – it is a new and exciting
addition to your learning experience!

Nicenet Introduction