Bell Ringer
 Who was the Supreme Allied Commander of the
Normandy Invasion? (hint: he was American)
 Which US President made the decision to drop the
Atomic bombs on Japan?
 What were the different things he had to consider
when he made his decision?
We will…
Today in class…
Identify the major outcomes of WWII.
You will be able to…
Social Studies
• Explain the purpose of the
Geneva Convention.
• Describe the efforts to
reconstruct Germany.
• Describe the efforts to
reconstruct Japan.
• Explain the purpose of Yalta
Conference and identify the main
• Define: United Nations (UN)
• Evaluate how the losers of
WWII and WWI were
Next Time/Soon: WWII Open Note “Quest”& Unit Vocab
 U.N. (United Nations) - international peacekeeping
organization started after WWII
Death Toll of the World Wars
Only a few great cities in Europe remained
undamaged by the war.
Most of Europe lay in ruins.
Outcomes of WWII
European powers'
lost their empires.
2. Two major WORLD
powers were
established: The
United States & the
U.S. vs. U.S.S.R.
Outcomes of WWII
3. Nuremburg War Crimes Trials
 Held in Nuremburg, Germany in 1945-1946
 22 Nazi leaders were put on trial.
 Accused of violating the laws of war and committing
"crimes against humanity" (murder of 11 million
Before & After
Outcomes of WWII
4. Division of Europe--Iron Curtain
 Represents Europe's division between a mostly
democratic Western Europe & communist Eastern
 Iron curtain speech, given by Winston Churchill, on
March 5, 1946.
"From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron
curtain has descended across the Continent"
The Iron Curtain serves to keep people in
…. and information out.
Outcomes of WWII
5. Establishment of the
United Nations (UN)
 50 nations signed the
original UN charter
 They pledged "to save
succeeding generations
from the scourge of war."
The UN is based in New York City
Outcomes of WWII
6. The Marshall Plan
 June 1947, U.S. Secretary of State George Marshall
proposed that America give aid to any European
country that needed it.
This became known as the Marshall Plan.
 Marshall Plan: $13 billion in aid given to Europe.
 Aid included: food, machines, and rebuilding
Outcomes of WWII
7. Formation of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO) & Warsaw Pact
 Rival alliances developed post WWII.
 NATO was developed to protect any nation who was
 Soviet Union viewed NATO as a threat and
developed an alliance known as the Warsaw Pact.
The Geneva Convention
 Purpose: To ensure the humane treatment of
prisoners of war by establishing rules to be followed
by all nations.
 During WWII:
Prisoners in Europe were treated OK (in general).
Prisoners in Japan were treated with savagery.
Beginning of the Cold War
 Yalta Conference was a
meeting to discuss postwar reconstruction
 Churchill, Roosevelt &
 February 1945
Soviet control
of Eastern
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 Complete # 8 and #9 on your Battle & Events chart.
20th-Century History: 1945-1989: The Cold War
 Chapter 1: The Cold War: World War II Ends and
the Allied Powers' Friendship Crumbles (1945)
Efforts to Reconstruct Germany
1. Democratic government
installed in West Germany &
West Berlin
2. Germany & Berlin divided
among the four Allied Powers
Post-War West Germany
 West Germany quickly emerged as an
economic power in post-war Europe
 Cars
 Steel
 Coal
Efforts to Reconstruct Japan
1. U.S. occupied Japan during
Truman administration
2. Japan developed as a democracy &
economic power
3. Japan’s offensive military
capabilities were eliminated
• U.S. guaranteed Japan's
General Douglas
Post-War Japan
 Japan emerged as the dominant economy in
 By the 1970s, Japan was a world leader in
autos and high tech fields
Today, Japan and Germany are two of the
strongest democracies in the world—
thanks in large part to America forcing it upon
them after WWII.
Exit Ticket
 Compare how the losers of WWI and WWII were
treated – use the Venn Diagram.
 On the back of your diagram, answer in complete
sentences: Which way do you think was better? Why?
Provide details to explain why you think so.
 Due at the end of the block