The Parable of the
Wedding Feast
Matthew 22:1-14
• The religious leaders had challenged Jesus’
• “Two Sons” – responded to their rejection of
John the Baptist
• “The Vineyard” – responded to the question of
authority (John’s, Jesus’, and their own)
• Now another parable to show their attitude in
comparison to the “sinners”
– An expansion on ideas found in the previous
two parables
The Parable (Part 1)
• Matthew 22:1-10
– The kingdom is like a royal wedding feast
• Isa 25:6 uses same figure for Messianic kingdom
– Invitations had been previously sent
• Now sends word that all is ready
• Call spurned by indifference or rebelliousness
– The King reacts furiously
– New invitations are made to those not
previously invited
The meaning of the parable
• The King is God
– The groom, the royal son, is Jesus
– The bride is the church (2 Cor 11:2)
• The invitations previously sent
– All the OT, law and prophet
• The invited guests were the Jews
• The call to come made by John and prophets
– Prophets rejected by indifference and rebellion
• The King’s reaction is God’s divine judgment
on those who rejected His call to enter the
Application (of part 1)
• Are you spurning the invitation?
– Through indifference?
• Some lack interest in spiritual things
– Through rebelliousness?
• Some know the truth and reject it
• In either case, you will face God’s wrath
– 2 Thes 1:6-10
The Parable (Part 2)
• Matthew 22:11-14
– A guest without proper clothes
• By custom, a king would furnish proper clothes
(white robes) for guests to put on upon arrival
• To not put on the provided clothes would be rude
– King asks guest, “Why?”
• No possible excuse
– The guest cast out
The meaning of the parable
• The wedding apparel (white robes) is the
forgiveness of sins (Rev 7:13-14)
• The guest is one who thinks he can enter the
kingdom (the Feast) without having his sins
forgiven in the way God supplies (baptism –
Acts 2:38)
• The result – denied entry into the kingdom and
eternal punishment
Application (of part 2)
• Are you seeking to enter the kingdom on your
own terms?
– Some want “Faith only” or “Sinner’s prayer”
– Some want infant baptism
– Some want a direct operation of the Spirit
– Some want OT righteousness
• Rom 10:1-4
• God has provided the clothes for us to wear
– Gal 3:26-27
• Are you ready for the feast?
– Rev 19:6-9
• We must come in the right garments
– Made white by the blood of Christ (Rev 7:14)
– We must do our part by obedience both in baptism
and in righteous acts
• The feast is ready
• The call has gone forth
• Will you come now?

The Parable of the Wedding Feast