Lab Quiz
Mobile Networks Lab 7
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• Create two scenarios:
– The first one is the HubLAN
– The second is the
HubAndSwitchLAN scenario
• Connect all nodes
• Compare the performance
of the four scenarios in
terms of delay, throughput,
and collision count.
• Packet size=
1) 512 bytes
2) 1500 bytes
• Packet Inter-arrival time=exp(0.001)
• Compare the load and throughput of both
scenarios. Find %age increase/decrease of
throughput for 2nd scenario.
• Compare the Delay observed by packets in both
scenarios. Find %age increase/decrease of the
end-end delay in 1st scenario.
• Compare the collision count of centralHub
(Scenario1), Hub1Hub4(Scenario2). Find %age
increase/decrease of collision count of
centralHub(scenario1 HubLAN).
Analysis Questions
• Explain why adding a switch makes the
network perform better in terms of
throughput and delay.
• Analyze the collision count of the Switch in
Scenario2 and compare the result with that of
HUB. Explain the difference.
• Observe the difference in throughput(bits/sec)
for different packet sizes. Explain your answer.

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