Synonym Poems
With a partner…
Discuss the following questions with the
person next to you. You have 3 minutes.
What is a noun?
What is an adjective?
What is a synonym?
Can you think of examples of each?
What is a noun?
 A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.
People: mother, boy, Jane, neighbour
Place: home, Barrington, Japan
Thing: pencil, cat, computer, Eiffel Tower
Idea: gravity, time
What is an adjective?
 An adjective describes a noun.
 Examples:
 The blue house
 The lazy dog
 The colourful and sweet-smelling flower
 The fast car
What is a synonym?
 A synonym is a word that has almost the
same definition as another word.
PRETTY ~ attractive, beautiful, breath-taking
TIRED ~ fatigued, exhausted, sleepy
SOAP ~ detergent, suds, cleaner, shampoo
Synonym Poems
Sour, musty, putrid, rotten
This old trash won’t be forgotten.
Pirate, bandit, thief or crook
At them the judge should throw the book.
Synonym Poems
Spirit, goblin, boogeyman
They will haunt you if they can.
Swift, speedy, fleet or quick
Go too fast and you’ll make me sick.
Ingredients of a Synonym Poem
 A synonym poem is descriptive.
 It is always made up of a couplet – two lines
that rhyme.
 The subject or title of the poem is always a
noun or adjective.
 The first line contains three or four
synonyms of the title.
Ingredients of a Synonym Poem
 The second line tells how you feel about the
subject, or describes the subject a little more.
 Each line generally has 7 or 8 syllables
arranged in a way that gives the poem a
distinctive pattern.
Writing your own synonym
1. Choose a subject (noun or adjective).
2. Find that word in a thesaurus.
3. Write down 8 – 10 synonyms of your subject. If
you cannot find at least 8 synonyms, choose
another subject.
4. Choose 3 – 4 synonyms for the first line.
5. Write the second line. Remember it must rhyme
with the first!
You must write at least 2 synonym poems.
Complete 2 synonym poems
in draft form.
Creating Your Final Copy
 Choose your favourite synonym poem that
you have written.
 Write your poem neatly in the middle of a
blank page.
 Illustrate your poem poster to further
describe the subject of your poem.
Writing Folder
 In your writing folder please put:
1. Draft copies of your two synonym poems
including the list of 8-10 synonyms
2. Final copy of illustrated synonym poem