The Works of
Alphonse Mucha
He was born on 24th July 1860 in
the Czech Republic.
He showed a big musical and graphic
talent when he was a young boy.
Thanks his talent he had obtained
referral to study high school in Brno
where he could develop his gift.
Mucha went to Germany where he
started to study at a graphics school.
He finished in Paris.
Early on, he worked for a famous
actress Sarah Bernhardt and her
theatre in Paris.
After nearly a lifetime of success in
the world of advertisement, he
finished off his life with The Slav
He died on 14th July 1939.
What interests you about this designer?
The use of illustration within
his pieces
Visually pleasing works with
the use of images and text
Successful and practical usage
of his work
Intricate designs
Complex Composition
Soft colors
What was the purpose of his work?
He mainly worked in the
field of advertisement, and
his work was used in a
variety of ways.
Commercial designs
Scenic schemes
Book Illustrations
Jewelry Designs
In what time period was he working?
• Time Period: 1860-1939
• Art Movement: Art Nouveau
(though he refuses to align
himself with any movement)
Where was he working?
He was most active
in France.
Later in his life he
traveled to the
United States to give
lectures about his
• Hans Makart
• Eugène-Samuel Grasset
• The Pre-Raphaelites.
Design & Philosophy
• Does not believe that he’s apart
of the “Art Nouveau” movement.
Art is eternal.
• His taste for Celtic and Byzantine
art can be seen in the mosaic
backgrounds and in the portrayal
of gorgeous garments with gold
and precious gems.
• He had a taste for female figures
in theatrical poses, flamboyant
curving lines, floral motifs and
delicate interwoven designs.
What is visually appealing about his work to
• His use of lines is much like
my own technique, yet
appearing very different.
• Very detailed pieces make
them appear more
• There is a flow in his
drawing of fabrics, giving
his work more movement.
• His drawings of women are
beautiful to look at.
• His use of colors made his
work stand out.
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