September 18th
Chile's Independence Day
Evelyn Duarte, Francisca Saez, Keila Rodríguez
• Think about the real meaning of the
Independence Day
• Think about what is typical on September 18th.
• Read some texts about the Independece day in
order to be familiar with this date
• Complete a crossword puzzle to learn
• Write a list of things that you did last
Sepetember 18th and discuss what would you
like to add for this date
• Chilean's Independence Day (Fiestas Patrias) is a
special day when Chilean people get together to
celebrate their country, their culture, and their
independence. Fiestas Patrias is celebrated on
September 18th, and people usually eat typical Chilean
food, a typical drink and they dress the typical Chilean
cloth. During this date funny and interesting games are
played as well as beautiful songs are sang and danced.
• But, what do you know about the Independence Day?
What have you experienced? Let's remember about this
typical Chilean day.
Main task
• Your task will be to think about what did
you do last September 18th.
• Write a list of the activities that you did that
day and share the information with a
partner. Discuss if they do typical Chilean
activities and what would you like to add to
celebrate our Independence Day. You can
add new games, food, cloth etc.
• You can use the following list of questions
to guide you.
What did you eat?
What did you drink?
What kind of cloth did you dress?
What kind of music did you listen/dance?
Where did you go?
What kind of game did you play?
First: Before doing the main task check these links that will
help you to know more about our Independence Day
and to feel more confident about the topic. These will
increase your knowledge about this important date for
Chilean people.
Second: Complete the following crossword
puzzle. This also will help you to know
more vocabulary related with the typical
things that we do during our Independence
• Your Crossword Puzzle
1. Chile's national dance.
3. National Flower
5. A flat circular deep fried "bread" made of pumpkin and flour.
6. Temporary structures are made with roofs of tree branches covering a
dance floor or tables for eating.
7. The 18th
8. Chilean cowboys.
9. Sliced tomatoes and onions with and oil dressing.
10. Cooked dried peaches and stewed corn served as a drink.
2. Typical turnover filled with diced meat, onions, olive, raisins and a piece
of hard-boiled egg, baked in an oven.
4. Armed Forces Day
Third: Take your copybook and pencil.
Write a list of the things that you did
last September 18th.
Fourth: Get together with a partner.
Fifth: discuss what you and your partner did last
September 18th.
Sixth: Discuss what would you like to add to
celebrate our independence day in a better way
Seventh: Present your discussion in front of the
class and give reasons of the things that you
would add for the Independence Day
We have always been very familiar with our
Independence day, because it is celebrated
each September 18th. But now we know the real
meaning of this date, it is not identify just for the
typical food, dance and games; it is a day in
which we celebrate our country and we feel
proud to be Chilean people.
Remember that you can add many things to
celebrate this date, but always remembering this
beautiful country in which we have grown up and
in which we have the freedom to think and to
express our opinions.

September 18th Chile´s Independence Day