Emancipation Day
(Puerto Rico)
To celebrate
Emancipation Day,
Puerto Ricans learn to
dance the dances known
as plena and bomba.
Many will study their
history and honor famous
black Puerto Ricans.
Throughout the entire
country, citizens get
together to dance, sing,
eat, and remember the
painful past that slaves
had to go through to
celebrate this holiday.
Emancipation Day is celebrated on March 22, 1873. It is
celebrated because this is the day that slavery became illegal in
Puerto Rico.
Slavery becoming illegal
is very important. This Is
a start that helps
eliminate unfair treatment
of different races.
Slaves were hot branded so that everyone would know they
came to Puerto Rico legally. Treatment such as this should
never happen no matter what race someone is. This shows
how terrible slavery was and the importance of it needing to
be stopped.
termina trato injusto hacia las
personas que no merecen este
tipo de tratamiento. Todo el
mundo necesita celebrar su
libertad. Este día es muy
honroso para todos los esclavos.
La celebración es lo que hay que

Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)