Chapter 1, Section 2
European Influences
- system of government in which authority
rests with the people
Direct Democracy
- system of government in which people
participate directly in decision making
Vocab Cont.
- the rights, privileges, and duties of a
member of a community
- people elect representatives to govern
them a.k.a. RepresentativeGovernment
Vocab Cont.
- to arrange according to a system; to set down
in writing
Absolute Monarch
- ruler that has complete authority over his or
her people
Common Law
- legal system based on accepted customs,
traditions, and past decisions
Understanding Relationships
Enlightenment begins
- New ideas about government develop
Poorer Athenians protest
- direct democracy develops
English barons rebel
- Magna Carta is granted
England’s Great Council is created
- Parliament develops
Main Ideas
In what way did Greek democracy change
between 750 B.C. and 550 B.C.?
- Poorer Athenians protested the power of the
Great Council – they wanted to participate in
making of laws.
- Athenian leaders agreed that more Greeks
should take part
- direct democracy was developed
Main Ideas
B. What impact did English ideas and
practices have on American government?
- Magna Carta, Parliament, the English Bill
of Rights, and the general rise of
representative government influenced our
Main Ideas
C. How did the ideas of European political
philosophers influence the way the
Framers wrote the U.S. Constitution?
- They used many of the their ideas i.e.
unalienable rights, limited government,
separation of power, and the system of
checks and balances
Critical Thinking
How is a republic both similar to and different from
a direct democracy?
- both are democracies
- both are examples of government by the
- Direct Democracy – People vote and serve in
- Republic – people elect representatives to
govern them