Training: Thursday, September 19,2012
Test Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2012
All GR 10 & 11 students
GR 9: EOC information/prep, study habits, testing
strategies, and college readiness
GR 12: college applications, resumes, essays, college
searches, scholarships, grants, loans, other postsecondary options
Test: 2 hours and ~ 20 min.
Administrative Duties: 40-45 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours
Start Time: 9:00 AM
End Time: 12:00 PM
CANNOT break for lunch and then resume
Two 25-min. reading sections
◦ 48 questions
Two 25-min. math sections
◦ 38 questions
One 30-min. writing section
◦ 39 questions
Receive and secure ordered materials
 Directly delivered to your campus from College
Distribute Official Student Guide
Train test administrators
Prepare testing bins
◦ Test booklets & answer documents
◦ + 1 for TA for demo purposes
◦ Pencils
◦ Calculators
Downloadable presentation to introduce
students to the PSAT/NMSQT
◦ Preparing Students for the PSAT/NMSQT
Post flyers and posters included with the
Official Educator Guide
g/psat/prep/tools to obtain additional
Select TA (supervisors/proctors)
Distribute Supervisor’s Manuals
Read the Supervisor’s Manual prior to training:
◦ Includes detailed administration information and the
script for use on test day.
 Read aloud all directions printed in bold with the boxes.
 Read slowly enough to give students time to fill in their
identifying information. Pause wherever 4 dots appear
to allow students time to follow instructions.
 Instructions outside boxes are for the test administrator
and should not be read aloud.
 Do NOT deviate from these directions or answer any
questions regarding the content of the test.
Distribute copies of this checklist to staff who will be
serving as TA on test day.
Six digit school code
School address
Today’s date
Recorded on Board:
◦ Start Time
◦ Stop Time
◦ Break Time
Box 5: The following number is my:
 Student ID Number
Use 9 leading zeros! The nine leading zeros can be
filled out ahead of time on the answer document,
leaving 6 spaces for local id.
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
 Seating
charts are required.
◦ Students must have assigned seating
◦ Retain seating charts for 6 months.
Students will need:
◦ No. 2 pencils
◦ Graphing calculators (math section ONLY)
Certification Statement
Starting this year, students will copy and sign a
statement acknowledging that they agree to
the test regulations.
◦ Due to this addition, placement of items on the
answer document have moved and test
administrators should familiarize themselves with
the answer document prior to test day.
TA give one test booklet and one answer
document to each student individually and
keep one for demonstration purposes.
Make sure no one opens a test booklet until
told to do so.
Allow enough time for students to read the
information on the front cover.
Monitor to ensure:
◦ Students are working on the correct section.
◦ Marking answer choices in the appropriate section
of the answer sheet.
◦ Using calculators on the math section only.
Do NOT read, grade papers, or perform any other
activity not directly related to administering the test.
5-minute break after Section 2.
1-minute break after Section 4.
◦ Cell phones MUST remain OFF. (pg. 8)
◦ During 5-minute break students may go to the
restroom, but under NO circumstances should large
groups of test-takers be allowed to leave the room.
◦ During breaks, students DO NOT:
Leave the test room without permission
Remove test materials from the room
Look at the test
Use a telephone
Refer to unauthorized aids
Hall proctors should monitor restrooms and
hallways during break times.
Typical test day problems are noted on the
Supervisor’s Manual pg. 22-23.
If something occurs that is NOT listed on pg.
22-23, the campus College Board contact
person will need to contact College Board
For ANY irregularity, the 2012 PSAT/NMSQT
Supervisor’s Irregularity Report (SIR) is
submitted with the answer documents.
Collect test materials from students.
◦ Check that school codes and grade levels have been
correctly filled out.
Dismiss students and return materials to the
PSAT coordinator.
◦ Separate booklets and answer documents.
◦ Return to coordinator.
◦ Remind students they cannot discuss the test.
Complete Supervisor’s Report
(pg. 33)
◦ must be signed
◦ Must be filled out in pencil.
◦ Complete the Supervisor’s Irregularity Report, if
Pack ONLY scorable answer sheets
DESTROY unused answer sheets:
Student walks out, student gets sick, etc.
Ship ONLY scorable answer documents NO LATER
THAN Oct. 17th. (Drop off at any UPS store)
Coordinator will receive an email when they have
been received.
If you pack and ship
answer sheets,
Sample on pg. 34, MUST be completed online.
Fields A- T must be completed accurately to
ensure correct billing.
There may be a statement online
◦ “Early Participation District ” ---Select this option.
Store test booklets securely, as the books will
be returned to the students with their
individual score reports.
◦ Suggestion: Alpha order or by 2nd period teacher
Score reports will be received by the campus
in early December.
Plan any student/parent training.