SUBJECT (Week 12)
Date: 2-6 May 2011
Loc: Rm 50 – W. Martin
MATH 6A – PER 2 & 6
Period 1
6MG2.2 Use the sum of the angles of
a triangle to solve problems involving
an unknown angle.
Health Expectations 1 to 8. Students will
be motivated to learn, and develop skills
needed to remain drug free.
•2NS4.0 Students will understand
fractions and decimals that may
refer to parts of a set and parts of a
Know that the sum of the angles of
any triangle is 180 degrees and the
sum of the angles of any quadrilateral
is 360 degrees and use this
information to solve problems.
• Students will be able to distinguish
with minor consequences from those
with major consequences. Discuss why it
is important to stop and think about
possible consequences before making
I want you to tell me what a
fraction is and how it is used. Use
your Cornell notes to show me
what you have learned.
• Introduce Chapter 10-4 and 10-6,
Triangles and Quadrilaterals.
• Prepare for the CST for Math.
• Introduce the activities:
• Quick Decisions
• Consider the Consequences
• Plan Ahead
•Get out a sheet of paper and make
Cornell Notes titled “Parts of a
• You will see a Brain Pop on Parts
of a Whole.
• Pass out workbooks.
• Do the warm up problems on the
blackboard on Chapter 10-4 and 10-6.
• Get your Cornell notes out or your
foldable and take notes on Monday.
• Open up workbook and review pages 3.
Consider the Consequences.
• Copy down the play scripts.
• Perform the play.
• Get out a sheet of paper and find
out five interesting things about the
person next to you. You will do an
presentation on your “Study
• Do problems 1-36, page 543 to 544.
• Do problems 1-24, page 535 to 536.
• Make foldable on page 508.
• Do work book 10-4 and 10-6.
• Learn your scripts for the play.
• Perform the play on Thursday or Friday
for extra credit.
Do Lesson 1-1 “Parts of a Whole
and Part of a Set on page
4 to 10.
Test will be the on-line test for
Chapter 10-4 taken on laptops.
• Your test will be Lesson 2. Click on the
Too Good for drugs tab and write down
the question and answer. You can copy
and paste test in your folder.
•Your Test will be on 10 problems
on Parts of a Whole
Make the foldable on page 508. Label
on side with lesson 10-4 and 10-6.
Take notes on this foldable and show
on Thursday complete with Standard,
Vocabulary, and notes.
Perform a play about Considering the
Consequences. Do either Janet’s Choice
or Jose’s Choice.
•Know how the Social contract
works and also be able to do
Cornell Notes.

2-6 May 2011