Primary 3 (CTR-B): Lesson 25
Let’s take 1 minute each to share
something fun that you did last week.
• Remember to reverently
listen to others as they
• You can ask questions
when they are done.
I Need a Volunteer to Help Me…
Please hand out a
piece of paper to
each person in
the room.
Could our
volunteer do it
faster with a
Let’s try!!!
I Need Two Volunteers to Help Me…
Let’s divide the class into 2
equal groups.
Each volunteer is responsible
for 1 of the groups.
Volunteers # 1 & #2 - Please
hand out a piece of paper to
each person in your group.
Did having 2 volunteers help
to do it faster?
We Can Help Teach the Gospel of
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ has asked
us to help Him teach
the gospel.
 With enough helpers,
His teachings can go to
all the people on the
Jesus wants everyone to learn His teachings.
Scripture Time!
Let’s read Doctrine & Covenants 133:37
 “Gospel”
is another word
for Jesus Christ’s teachings.
 “Kindred”
is a group of
people who are related to
each other.
 “Tongue”
is another word
for language.
“People” means those who belong to a particular
country, race, or community.
Scripture Time!
 What
this scripture
say will happen?
 The
will be
preached to
Scripture Time!
•What do we call
those who are called
by Heavenly Father to
help teach the
Every member of the church, no matter how
old or young, can be a missionary by telling
others about the gospel.
the Story
of Ammon
as a
Ammon was one
of the four sons of
They left
Zarahemla to
teach the
Lamanites the
They each went to a different city.
Ammon went to the land of Ishmael.
As he entered the city, the Lamanites tied
him up and took him to their king, Lamoni.
Ammon told King
Lamoni that he wanted
to live among the
Lamanites. Lamoni was
pleased and had his
men untie Ammon.
Ammon said he
would be one of the
king’s servants. The
king sent him to
watch his flocks.
One day while Ammon & some servants were
tending the flocks, Lamanite robbers scattered the
animals & tried to steal them.
The servants who
were with Ammon
were scared. King
Lamoni had killed
his other servants
who had lost
animals to these
Ammon knew this was his chance to use the Lord’s
power to win the hearts of the Lamanites. Then
they would listen to his teachings.
Ammon told
the servants
that if they
gathered the
animals, the
king would not
kill them.
Ammon and the other
servants quickly found
the animals and drove
them back to the
watering place.
The Lamanite robbers
came back. Ammon
told the other servants
to guard the flocks
while he fought the
The Lamanite robbers were not afraid of
Ammon. They thought they could easily kill him.
God was with
Ammon. Ammon
hit and killed
some of the
robbers with
stones, which
made the rest of
the robbers very
They tried to kill
Ammon with their
clubs, but Ammon
cut off the arms of
many robbers.
Then the robbers
ran away.
The servants took the cut-off arms to King Lamoni
and told him what Ammon had done.
The Holy Ghost helped Ammon know what the
king was thinking. Ammon explained that he was
not the Great Spirit. He was a man.
The king offered
him anything, if
he would tell
what power he
had used to
defeat the
robbers and to
know the king’s
Ammon said the
only thing he
wanted was for
King Lamoni to
believe what he
would say. The king
said he would
believe everything
Ammon told him.
Ammon asked King Lamoni if he believed in God.
The king said he believed in a Great Spirit.
Ammon said that the Great Spirit is God, that he
created everything in heaven & on the earth, and
that he knows people’s thoughts.
Ammon said people
were created in God’s
image. He also said
God had called him to
teach the gospel to
Lamoni & his people.
Using the scriptures,
Ammon taught King
Lamoni about the
Creation, Adam and
Eve, & Jesus Christ.
King Lamoni
Ammon &
prayed to be
forgiven of his
Then he fell to the ground & appeared to be
dead. Servants carried the king to his wife & laid
him on a bed. After two days the servants
thought he was dead & wanted to bury him.
The queen did not
believe that her
husband was
dead. She asked
Ammon to help
the king.
Ammon knew Lamoni
was under the power
of God. He told the
queen that Lamoni
would awaken the
next day.
The next day Lamoni
got up & said he had
seen Jesus Christ. The
king & queen were
filled with the Holy
Lamoni taught his people about God and
Jesus Christ. Those who believed repented
of their sins and were baptized.
 Let’s
retell the story of Ammon…
I will toss the ball to one of you.
 Catch the ball.
 Share one sentence to retell part of the
 Toss the ball back to me.
 We will repeat this until everyone has a
turn & until the story is retold.
Just Like Ammon, We Can Help
Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
The Story
of Ryan
& His
There Are Many Ways
to Be Missionaries
•Let’s see if you know some of the ways to be
good missionaries.
•Listen closely to some statements.
•If the statement is a good way to be a
missionary, stand up.
•If the statement is NOT a good way to be a
missionary, sit down.
There Are Many Ways
to Be Missionaries
•You invite a friend to Primary.
•You won’t let a classmate play with you at
•You tell a nonmember friend about Jesus
Christ’s church.
•You are rude to your neighbor.
•You save some money for your mission.
There Are Many Ways
to Be Missionaries
•Your friend asks you to cheat on a test in school,
and you decide to do it.
•You invite a friend to your home for family home
•You don’t obey your parents and brag about it to
your friends.
•You invite someone new to play with you.
Testimony Time
I testify that Jesus
Christ has asked us
to help him teach
the gospel.
With enough
helpers, His
teachings can go to
all the people on the
Jesus wants everyone to learn His teachings &
we can help Him by being missionaries now.
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There Are Many Ways to Be Missionaries