Roles of the Secretary
and Chairperson
Terms of Meetings
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Meeting Terminology
There are many terms used during the course of
a formal meeting. Here are the most common:
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Where a member refrains from
voting either in favour of or against
a motion.
Where a member wishes to speak
they must go through the
Chairperson, e.g. ‘Madam
Chairperson’ or ‘Mr Chairman’.
Meeting Terminology
If a meeting is running out of time
it may be necessary to adjourn the
meeting until a later date.
This is a change to a
proposed motion by the
addition, deletion or
modification of words. An
amendment must be
proposed, seconded and
voted upon in the usual
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Meeting Terminology
A written vote with provision for preserving
secrecy of each individual’s vote.
An additional vote, usually held by the
Chairperson, to enable a decision to
be made if the votes when counted
are equally ‘for’ and ‘against’ a motion.
MAJORITY The greater number of
members either vote ‘for’ or
‘against’ a motion.
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Meeting Terminology
MOTION A proposal moved by a member suggesting
the way forward. This should be discussed at a
A query raised by a member
regarding the procedure at a
ORDER meeting or a query relating to the
standing orders or constitution, e.g.
absence of a quorum.
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Meeting Terminology
POSTPONE Delaying an item on the agenda for a future
meeting or temporarily holding off a meeting
until another time.
PROPOSE The member putting forward a motion
for discussion at a meeting.
This is the minimum number of
members necessary for a meeting
to be held. The quorum will be
specified in the regulations or
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Meeting Terminology
Once passed, a motion becomes a
A person who supports the proposer of a
UNANIMOUS When all the members of a
meeting have voted in favour
of a motion it is said to be
carried unanimously.
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Meeting Terminology
These are the organisational rules
relating to the organisation and
running of meetings and are usually
found in its founding articles. These
may lay down such things as what
makes up a quorum, etc.
A word-for-word record of
what was said.
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How a Motion is passed
motion – a suggestion is proposed for discussion
proposer – the person putting forward the motion for discussion
at a meeting
seconded – the proposal normally requires to be seconded by
someone else who supports the proposal. If it is seconded,
discussion will usually take place
amendment – during the discussion someone may
propose an ‘amendment’ to the motion in order to
improve it
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How a Motion is passed
point of order – during the discussion you may hear the
Chairperson or other member remind the meeting of a ‘point of
order’ - this normally means that one of the rules of the meeting
has not been followed, that the discussion has become irrelevant
or that the language used is unacceptable
right of reply – when discussion has taken place the
proposer should be given the ‘right of reply’ before
the motion is put to the vote
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How a Motion is passed
the vote could take any of the following forms – show of hands,
ballot, go into division or voice
resolution – once the motion has been fully discussed it may
then be put to a vote and a ‘resolution’ (a decision) reached
which either accepts or rejects it. The Secretary should record
the resolution
rider – this is an addition to a resolution after it
has been passed
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What is meant by the term ‘to
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What is an amendment?
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What is meant by the
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Casting Vote
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Terms of Meetings Meeting Terminology