Starter task:
1. Look at this picture.
2. Discuss in your small
What moods /
feelings come to
mind when you look
at the picture?
What impression do
you get about this
3. Discuss and write
down three things
she might be
daydreaming about.
"Dream" by Mohamed Osman, MD
Today’s topic: National Poetry Day
Today’s tasks:
•Working in groups
•Describe what an ‘acrostic’ poem is
•Use a dictionary to find words beginning with
each of the letters in ‘DREAM’
•Write a poem containing words or simple
•Use a computer to present your poem
•Evaluate the session & fill out your learning
Task 1
What is an acrostic poem?
•Look at the example ‘acrostic’ poem.
•In small groups discuss what you notice
about the poem.
Driving towards hope. The
route I’m taking, to
escape my life now.
Always I hunt for my desires to
meet my super-self.
Group feedback
What is an acrostic poem?
Task 2
The theme of National Poetry Day this year is
•use the dictionary to write down words
starting with each letter in the word
•Prepare to read these out.
Task 3
• Now use some of these words to write
an acrostic poem in your group
• Your tutor will give you a worksheet to
write on
Our poem:
Things we liked about it:
Our poem:
Things we liked about it:
Task 4
•Read / listen to the sample poem.
•Find three things you like about the
poem in your group.
•Prepare to give feedback to the group.
1. Look at the pictures below.
Task 5
2. Which words do you think of?
3. Write some of these words onto the Poetry Post-its
notes and put them on the board.
4. Choose a picture. Then read the Poetry Post-its and
use these to help you to write a poem of your own
called ‘Dream’.
5. Now proof read your poem and type it up.
6. We are going to print and create a display of our work.
Would you like to read out your poem?
Task 6
Listen to the poems… write your
favourite words or phrases from the poem
to share with the group.
Group evaluation
What activities did we
What are we confident
What do we need to
do more work on?

National Poetry Day - Writing an Acrostic Poem