Review Day 5
Student Directions
• On a sheet of paper, write 3-5 significant key
words that help you reach your answer
(Teachers please note key words may vary
by student) be sure to include your answer
with your key words.
• Example:
Key Words- Lincoln, 1861-1865, South Carolina,
States’ rights, Fort Sumter
Answer - Civil War
Question #1
• Mountain range
• Obstacle for Lewis and Clark
• Pioneers crossed west of these
mountains to reach California
• Mormon Trail, 49ers, Santa Fe
Trail, California Trail, Oregon Trail
Question #2
• 1803
• Purchased for $15 million
• Bought from France
• Doubled the size of the U.S.
• Explored by Lewis and Clark
Question #3
• Acquired from Mexico after the MexicanAmerican War
• Included California, Arizona, New Mexico,
and other Southwestern states
• Completed nation’s goal of manifest
Question #4
Acquired from Spain
Adams-Onis Treaty
Andrew Jackson declares that the Indians
should be removed by force
• Seminoles resisted removal
Question #5
• Was once independent
• Annexed by the U.S. in 1845
• Border dispute with Mexico
over the Rio Grande River
leads to Mexican-American
Question #6
• Claimed by both the U.S. and
• Acquired after compromise to divide
land at the 49th parallel
• Settled by many people looking for
fertile farmland
• Many settlers followed the
__________ Trail to reach this land
Question #7
• Mountain range
• Located west of the original 13
• Played role in the American
Revolution when King George
said no colonists could move
west of these mountains
Question #8
• U.S. gained control of this river after
we bought the Louisiana Territory
• This river was important for farmers in
the west to ship goods to the port of
New Orleans
• Played a major role in the Civil War
when General Grant captured control
of this river at the Battle of Vicksburg
Question #9
• Ordinance passed in 1787
• Dealt with the Northwest Territories (land
gained after the American Revolution)
• Set up an orderly plan for territories to
become states
• Slavery banned in the newly established
• Set aside land for creation of schools
Question #10
Purchase of the Louisiana Territory
Rapid population growth in the West
Advances in transportation
Strong sense of nationalism
Belief that the United States was
destined to expand west to the Pacific

Westward Expansion Review