The Man’s
Forces acting on the parachutist?
Choice B- Friction & Gravity
Incorrect Answer Choices:
Choice A- Momentum is not a force
Choice C- Inertia and momentum are not forces
Choice D- Kinetic and potential are energies
Best example of potential energy?
Choice B- Stretched rubber band (elastic
Incorrect Answer Choices:
Choice A- Wind turbine (Wind & kinetic
Choice C- Fire (light and heat)
Choice D- Sunlight (light and heat)
KE and PE of the boulder before the
earthquake and after…
Before the boulder rolls down the hill- lots
of potential energy (high height off of the
ground) but no kinetic energy (no
As the boulder rolls, it gains kinetic energy
while losing potential energy (b/c it’s closer
to the ground- lower PE and moving fasterhigher KE)
Rolling boulder (relationship between
kinetic and potential energy)…
Potential energy is transformed into
kinetic energy.
Explain why student B has more potential energy than
Student A.
Student B is higher off of the ground (greater height)
Student A dives from the board into the water. Why
does student A’s kinetic energy decrease as the student
enters the water?
The student’s velocity decreases (the student is
slowing down)
At which position does the boulder have the
greatest kinetic energy
Choice 2- B (at the bottom of the hill it is
moving the FASTEST)
As it moves from location A to location D in the diagram,
the energy stored in the coal
(4) Is transformed
Which statement best describes the energy changes that
occur while a child is riding on a sled down a steep,
snow-covered hill?
(2) Kinetic energy increases and potential energy
(b/c the sled is moving faster- more kinetic energy
as it goes down the hill and is closer to the groundlower potential energy)