Paper Mache
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Paper Mache is the art
of construction using
paper stuck together
using wet paste. It is
one of the oldest forms
of artwork. Paper
Mache originated in
China, where paper
was also invented
around 220AD.
Chinese artists would
often use paper mache
to create masks and
floats to celebrate
holidays, religious
events and festivals.
Paper Mache
Step One
 To begin building our
paper mache project,
you must first start with
a creative idea. Then
sketch out a plan to build
your project. In your
sketch designate what
materials you will
Step Two
Next, gather the supplies you will need and
begin sculpting them into the proper shapes.
Remember, you can build pieces separately
and then tape them together.
Step Three
Rip clean newspaper
into small pieces and
dip it into the paper
mache paste. Apply
the paper onto your
project and smooth it
out. To make sure
your project is solid,
you will repeat this
Step Four
Once the paper
mache is completely
dry, you will neatly
paint your paper
Grading- for this project you
will be graded on the following:
Original Sketch
Neat Painting
Now enjoy a shore
video of, Dan the
Monster Man, a
professional paper
mache artist.