International Walk to School Month
October 2013
Walk to school safely
with Living Streets!
Did you walk to school this morning?
Why is it good to walk to school?
Did you use a crossing on your way to school
this morning?
Why do you use a crossing?
How many different crossings
do you know?
Zebra Crossing
Pelican crossing
Puffin crossing
Toucan crossing
Did you know…?
• There is a special crossing for horse riders! It is
named after the mythical winged horse, Pegasus.
• The Panda crossing existed in the UK in the 1960s. It
was replaced by the Pelican crossing.
• Pedestrian refuges or traffic islands are placed in the
middle of wide roads when there is no crossing point
to help you cross safely.
Crossing the road safely
• Use a crossing or your school crossing patrol.
• Use The Green Cross Code.
Think first
Use your eyes and ears
Wait until it is safe to cross
Look and listen again
Arrive safely
Safe crossings in your area
• Do you think a safe crossing point
should be included on your walk
to school?
• Write to your MP to ask for safe
routes with smarter crossings.
Strider says…
Remember to
walk to school

Why do you use a crossing?