A Lesson of Math and Visual Arts
Through Pablo Picasso
Grade: 3
Hanh Le
Aubrey Lucas
Lesson Overview:
Students will analyze Pablo Picasso's painting, "Three
Musicians.” Through this analysis students will relate the
piece to Math and Art using vocabulary from lesson plan.
Students will then create their own work of art, utilizing
Picasso’s style of Cubism. Students will present created
artwork to their classmate demonstrating understanding of
Cubism and angles.
Analyze Art Elements and Principle Designs
Arts Standard 1.5- Identify & describe elements of art in works of art,
emphasizing line, color, shape/form, texture, space and value.
Students describe and compare the attributes of plane and solid
geometric figures and use their understanding to show relationships
and solve problems
Math Standard 2.4- Identify right angles in geometric figures or in
appropriate objects and determine whether other angles are greater or less
than a right angle.
1. As a class view the painting, "Three Musicians.” Ask students to
describe the shapes and objects in the painting.
2. Introduce Cubism and vocabulary terms through lecture and discussion.
Elements of Art: line, color, shape/form, texture, space, and value.
3. Discuss Picasso’s style of Cubism. Why is "Three Musicians" Cubism?
4. Describe what they see now.
5. Introduce Angles –acute, right, and obtuse
6. Identify the geometric angles in "Three Musicians." Have students
count the number of angles in the painting.
7. Provide student with a worksheet to help reinforce what was learned.
8. Have students create work of art. Draw a face using the different angles
Student Learning Objectives;
• Know elements of Cubism
• Represent textual information by creating own artwork
Xerox copies of “Three Musicians,” paper, pencils,
markers, protractors, construction paper.
Art & Math Vocabulary Worksheet
Students will create a piece of artwork, drawing a face,
using different types of angles and elements, which
demonstrates the style of Cubism. Students will present
their work and describe the elements that exhibit Cubism.
Student will define vocabulary words on worksheet
Define Words:
ValueCubismAcute AngleRight AngleLabel Angles in Painting :
Acute Angle–Red, Right Angle –Blue, Obtuse Angle -Yellow
Obtuse Angle-
Students will be assessed using a checklist in order to
determine they can accurately identify and describe elements
in a work of art (Pablo Picasso’s, “Three Musicians”).
Students will be assessed in terms of their ability to identify
and describe line, color, shape/form, texture, space and value.
Students will also be assessed based on their ability to
identify right angles in Picasso’s painting.
Excellent , Accomplished, Developing , Emerging
Able to define Cubism
Able to identify art elements
Able to differentiate and identify angles
Created artwork
Present artwork
Overall class participation
Suggested resource to download a copy of Pablo Picasso’s, “Three
Musicians,” is the Museum Of Modern Art, http://www.moma.org/
For the Elements and Principles of Art and Design

A Lesson of Math and Visual Arts Through Pablo Picasso