Sketch books are used by designers as they can
be taken anywhere and can be used to record
ideas and collect relevant information such
 Fabric samples
 Trimmings
 Drawings
 Quick sketches
 Painting
 Photographs
 Notes and annotations
 Possible colour ways
 Magazine/newspaper clippings.
 These
are also a popular tool as they help to
communicate the overall style or feel.
 A mood board Brings the images and ideas together
 Provides a visual summary or the mood of the
 Usually does not have detailed information
 The main focal point should be just off
 Mood
boards can be used.....
 To provide a focus for new design ideas
 Can help finalise the colours,or patterns or
 Develop styles in the clothing or products
 Can help determine target markets
 Can communicate ideas to clients.
 Trend
 Are similar to mood boards
 Suggest what future trends might be
 Are usually produced for an event.
 Trend Books
 Also focus on future trends
 Are a mixture of data and images
 Are constantly used when developing a new
A designer might be working on a range two
years before it hits the shops.
 To make sure a product is on trend they will use
special agencies to forecast for them.
 These companies collect information and data
 Lifestyle
 Popular culture
 New fibres and materials
 Technological developments
 What happening in the field of design. So this
allows them to predict future trends.

Sketch books and Mood Boards Textiles PPT